Add Business to Google Maps and vitness Google’s Automated Phone Verification


Yo Guys !!

Well today i was just searching for Petrol Pumps near my workplace and suddenly i realized that our office (Noida Region) was no where listed on google map, though the head office has its own identity shinning right in the middle of Hyderabad. This ignited the finicky nature of mine, and went deep down into google maps and realized that its so easy to add your Business/workplace into google maps.

Definitely i (not me alone) appreciate google, offering everything free of cost. So let us give a try. A simple Ajax powered form without any submit button, now that is where google rox 😀

The First option was to add the company name followed by its address, woooo… it was simultaneously locating if the inputed address was valid or no, i mean does that location practically exist, or is just fake. I was charmed by this .. cause the script was finding some square feet from the whole globe :p

Google Earth

Well rest of the steps were simple like, adding company’s phone,mobile, and logo. Now What ? Do you think google is such a lame, that it will let you add any company by any name and any information 😀 heheheh e

Google itself would be added on 100000 zillion fake addresses under a minute 😀

So to avoid that, what you think google’s gonna do ?

Captcha .. neah that won’t work..

Email Verification … neah that is way old ..

What about you visiting to google’s USA Campus to verify this.. Hehheehheeh ,….

Well none of the above ….

So google has three simple options

Google is gonna call you

Google will send a verification SMS

Google is gonna post a simple card to your workplace ..

Oh My God !! google’s gonna call you.. Sounds interesting isn’t it ?

Well guys it is true, and i was stunned to see but somehow i clicked cause that was the relevant option for a company. So i thought they might be having some outbound customer care, calling all day and confirming things.. but wait !! Google has got something more to offer.. It gave me two option to choose from .. Call Me Now or Call Me after 5 Minutes

Mann I don’t trust you.. this is what i spilled out.. but when i hit the call me now button, the ajax thing came in and asked me to wait until they connect.. Vola !! what i hear ? tring tring..

Yes, Google actually called up at my workplace and it was an automated call, which first confirmed the legitimacy of submission, and then asked to enter the random 4-Digit string generated by google on a fly..

Look what guys, as soon as i pressed the 4keys on my phone, my browser got refreshed and google said, Thanks ..

Holy Shit !! isn’t it fantastic.. now google calls you in any part of the world.. No matter, Even if you are adding Osama’s Den :p


So take a victory dance, brag a bit and add yourself to google maps today to be seen on the globe :p

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Cheers !!