Realin goes to Gym


Alright the time has come when my tummy started to grow more than its limit and i am kinda worried. So I decided to join gym for the sake of shreding some wait and squeeze my tummy. I being a punjabi is ought to have a tummy and when i see my dad’s early 80s  pictures, awww mann he was as thin as  I was 2-3 months back . But now if you see his current physique he is like 4 times than me.

So to cut the heredity effect I am Gyming everyday now. The coach says that i have good buil and the base is really solid so it wont take much time for me to squeeze this thing off. But still when he asks me to do AB excercise .. awwww god ..

I have changed my diet, my breakfast is now a glass full mil with some cornflakes, unlike 4 stuffed pranthas with loads of butter 🙁 which used to be there 2 weeks back.

I have started my excercise with 1200+ mts of walk+running followed by 5mins of cross walker .. and then the normal gyming excercises. Feels good cause i can see the results. Would recommend all the software engineers who code all day sitting right at their chairs and eat lotsa cheese, sweets, and oily food to go ahead and spare some  time for their health

Sachin Khosla