Learn when you got no job through youtube edu


Layoffs, job cuts, recession, financial crisi and what not ? World is heading towards its bad time since world war II, but to be on the positive edge you can learn more cause you have got more time to do so. In this layoff season or in the times when there are no jobs or people just do not have work to do then you can sit back at home and enjoy learning new technologies and stuff using YouTube Edu. It is a special section which showcases videos from schools, universities to help people learn.


A quick search using the keyword  “php” video results 1 – 20 of about 63

There are two search boxes available. The main search under the top navigation bar redirects you to the main Youtube.com. However the below it searched videos within the EDU channel and are mainly videos from professors and schools. Probably this can help children learn more actively and with interest. But for the young ones who got no job then they have got a reason to sharpen skills to get a better, more stable job.

Realin !

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