OSSCamp Delhi IIT New Delhi, Day 1


osscamp-logoOSScamp, the largest unconference of India was help today at IIT, New Delhi. I woke up around 6:30 am in the morning and got ready by 8 after twittering,blogging etc for the camp. I took Kinshuk Sunil ,the most active member of the OSSCamp community, along with me and we drove towards towards the venue. We were already late , thanks to the heavy traffic  of New Delhi which won’t let you do anything on time.

Anyways we had a slow start of the day but few of the participants were already there waiting for us to drop in and start the talks, and especially the Internet/WiFi.To tell you the fact, IIT Delhi, sucks in terms of network connection. No one is there to help you out, give out the details for the network even if they agree to provide you. Its more like a typical govt. institute (although i know its all govt. but still IIT is IIT). So whatever the organizer or volunteer reading this blog, please DO NOT CHOOSE IIT, Delhi as the camp’s venue, if your audience want to do live tweeting or live blogging.

rohit-clubhackAfter quite a mess we finally arranged the keys for the projector from some guy who was at Boy’s hostel and the camp started. It was already 11 past and were like OMG. So Rohit Srivastwa started with his first talk and i could see from his pace that he is not a normal human among us. Then upon having a chat with him i found that this guy is helping around government organizations for hacking related stuff etc etc. So in short this guy is the real GEM of India and is filled with immense knowledge about networks, hacking techniques and above all how to be safe on internet. Quick advices from him :

  • Never ignore https warnings
  • Do no use websites which send your password as cleartext when you hit forgot password
  • Keep your softwares, web applications, OS updated and fully patched
  • Always install a good firewall and a nice Antivirus on your system
  • Thinks windows can be a better server if used wisely, cause it would sit quiet , update itself and keep  you calm

Other than this he explained about just everything like, public key, private key. His talk was mainly on “Backtrack” and he explained it quite well and everyone got the answers to their questions. He talked about all security issues and how can your system be exploited for around 2 hours. Yeah he really did and was quite interesting.

And yeah I forgot to mention, this generous fella, Rohit Srivastwa also gave away tshirts of Clubhack . He claims they were the left outs from the clubhack event 2008. 😛

Next we had a talk on Maya Vi and this guy had done a lotsa stuff in Maya Vi software. But two things i dislike about it is that, it has lotsa dependencies and it requires a niche hardware (well probably every 3D modelling software does that :P). Was not quite interested in this talk, wasn’t related to me anyhow. Yeah i know i am bad at times 😛

After that we had a guy called Jignesh who explained about kerberos, yet another Network Authentication Security Protocol. Kerberos was designed in MIT university and it means 3-headed dog 😛

Now I cannot explain the whole working cause you did not come to osscamp and you missed it. So if you do not want to miss more talks like this, then be there at OSSCamp Delhi tomorrow. Venue is the same IIT, Delhi and timings are 10am – 6 pm.

Realin !

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  1. Kinshuk Sunil

    March 28, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    I agree with you on the IIT Delhi Issue. This is teh second time IIT Delhi has let us down, more specifically the LUG@IITD.

    I cannot explain the low turnout despite the high registrations. I only hope that sunday is a better day.

    You got the times wrong. Its 9AM-6PM.

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    June 20, 2009 at 9:16 pm

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    August 9, 2009 at 10:48 am


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