Quick Metallic texture


Here i am going to show you how to make a simple metallic texture in Adobe Photoshop, it is a beginning level tutorial and easy to make, so lets start.

1. Open new document with size 200*200 px.

2. Now fill the layer with #ffffff.

3. Next goto filter>noise>add noise and use the following settings



3. The output should be exactly similar as shown above.

4. Now goto Filter->blur->motion blur and add with distance 30 And angle as you like, if you want horizontal then make the angle 0 otherwise 90 if you want vertical.

5. Now repeat the step 4 but with distance as 150.


6. The output should be like.


7. Now to make some changes we can colorize it, goto image->adjustment->hue/saturation , tick the checkbox colorize and play with the setttings, this will create a colorized metal 😀


my output is like this ..





4.gif 3.gif5.gif







Make your on effects and paste it on your website they look nice..



if you like this leave your comment 🙂