How to password protect documents in Microsoft Office 2007



I know you are here just because Microsoft has again changed its GUI for no other reason but eye candy. Its an old habit, anyways change is always for good but faces some resistance :p

The three simple steps to protect your document are :

1) Ofcourse jot up something which should be worth enuff to protect :p

2) Hit the Office button (conventionally known as File button – alt+f) and click on prepare

3) Hit Encrypt Document and you are done.

Isn’t that easy sparky  :p

or you can use short keys, in the order


cheers !!

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  1. ssk

    June 9, 2008 at 11:37 pm

    now where has the login icon dissapered frm ur site??????
    whenever i feel like posting a blog ur website is changed!!

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