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hiya all,

Some of you might have encountered this issue and ignored it thinking that it might be gmail’s bug or its aspam email. Well google has the capability to turn bugs into features and so is this . Few days back i tried some weird stuff to send email to myself with little change in the email address, in a search to find some more realins across the globe. But to mystify me, the email popped into my inbox only saying that Yes, this is you

So i researched more about this and i came to know that, whatever the username gmail offers you is then all yours along with certain variants. So if your username is then you could simply send email like or

Or in short, any capitalization or any dot (.) is ignored by the gmail server. As soon as you create an ID for your self, all its variants also get reserved for you. So try this tweak right now.

if your id is try sending the email to

I am sure you gonna hit the right bell 😉

And if you do so, please comment back to let the other readers know more about your experience. Till then stay safe !!

cheers !!


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