Google Browser Chrome — Realin’s Review


Hi All,

Well its been long now since google rolled out its own browser from its secret lab. I could sense some strategy planning when google discontinued its referal ads. As basically the referal ads were more of “google toolbar powered firefox” with some other products like picasa etc.

Google is no doubt everyone’s first choice and users see google as a brand of trust and service. So here i jot up few points for chrome :

Download and Install

The very first thing is downloading the setup and there on installing the chrome. You could find download link on the google’s homepage, the most clickable position on the world wide web. Regarding installation,google has been very neat in doing this. It threw a very small 475 Kb setup file i clicked on the link on the homepage. Got downloaded in a whoosh and there you go ready to install the all new chrome. No Setup, no clicking next-next or any options, resulting in clean quick installation. Just a mere window which neatly imports bookmarks etc from the firefox.

Speed & Interface

“Speed is google and google is speed” that is quote they have been following. After a lightening fast installation, i opened few websites and they opened marginally faster as compared to firefox. The tabular interface was cool and very light, the tabular view looks user friendly. I could not find menu bar and could see the standard buttons nicely placed near the address bar, just like firefox. The rendering of a page was exceptionally faster as compared to FFX.

RSS support

Talking about Rss,its the foremost important thing in a website and so is for the visiting users. I cannot live without RSS feeds.. hehehe .. 🙂 I discovered that, chrome has no intellisense to smell the RSS from websites. Don’t tell me i have to manually add stuff to my rss reader.

Memory & Stability

I must admit that google is planning something really big. They are planning to port all web applications into desktop like environment. Talking about the environment, it gives you an inbuilt task manager, where in you can manage different tabs as in a desktop application. So these tabs are no more dependent on each other, instead are self sustainable. If a tab crashes, it does not mean the whole browser is going to crash, unlike Firefox. So you have more control over your browsing experience. 

History Management

Allright, i closed the browser and reopened it. Vola !! instead of displaying its own advertisement or any sponsors adv. (like in mozilla) it displayed the history in an iconic manner. That was really cool, i must admit.

Extensions & Addons

I must confess that i am in love with the extensions/addons in Mozilla Firefox. Chrome no doubt, would develop the same at a rapid speed but it is really difficult to shift to chrome atm. And on top of all, why would one shift. Firefox is fast, and its more of a community where you get latest updates and stuff very easily. 

In the end, i would like to say chrome is good, fast, good interface but it needs little time to get into everyone’s OS. 

Cheers !! 

Realin !