Hide files in JPEG images


Hi all,

Have you ever wanted to store your secret files more safely, so that no one but you know what is there and how it can be retrieved ? Well it is very simple yet powerful methodology to do that.. You just need is WINRAR installed in your computer and a little command prompt knowledge, or you can just use the command as given below…

Steps to create the encrypted image:

1) keep your file which you want to hide into a folder (call it as hidden)

2) Use Winrar to rar the file and call the file as hide.rar

3) Also place any decent image(say img.jpg) into the same folder where you have kept hide.rar

4) Now goto command prompt and type the command

copy /b hide.rar + img.jpg secret.jpg

Tada, you are done with it, the folder hidden has now got a new file which contains your secret txt file. Now to retrieve that file again what you need to do is to open this secret.jpg into winrar and you can extract that off..

Good no ?Well share you views and experiences 😉

cheers !!