UAC:Annoying security prompt in Vista


So you got Windows Vista, eh shiney .. ?? Everything is glittering, nice GUI, nice aero effects.. but what suddenly you click any administrative program it just snatches everything and shows a prompt window with black background to ask you to allow that task or, wow you are an administrator no :p

The billy team call it as “UAC:User Account Control “.Well it does irritates cause for whatever you do it jus keeps coming and you have click allow, continue etc etc.. well it irritated me a lot and i got rid of it, i will tell you how can you do the same.

Microsoft believes it has secured its OS by introducing this kinda desktop switching from GUI to a simple black window to ask for permission and warning naive users that whatever they do can effect their system. hahahah too ghey 😛

Anyways this may or may not halt effect ur security a little, as few articles are there, but what i believe is that it is annoying and it should be fired away. So if you agree the me, follow the steps ..

If you got Vista Ultimate then follow the steps :-

1) Go to start and type local security and windows will search the first result as Local Security Policy.

2) Click that and parse to Security settings->local policies->Security options.

3) There you will see there is an option in the 4th or 3rd last saying “User Account Control: Switch to the secure desktop when prompting for elevation”. just disable that option.

4) Now if you want that windows should not even ask for ur authorization to run a process, then do the following changes in the key shown below :


And yeah now you got rid of that annoying screen.

Now for the users who spend less and have Vista Home Variant 😀

just parse through registry to search the following keys and make the necessary changes as follows

Here is the tree you need to parse


Under this you will see a key “PromptOnSecureDesktop” double click to open it and set it value to 0 and you are done leaving off the shore that annoying black so called security box 😮


anyways hope this helps

cheers !!