Google tweaks i love to use more often


Google a massive search engine is also your friend in need. Yeah it is !! I almost use google everyday to ask day to day task, like i wanna ask what is the rate of a rupee against dollar, say i want to know i have a meeting at 1030hrs IST, what time it would be there at US, and then i consumed 30lts of milk @ 27.75 INR then what is the monthly bill ?

Well there are hell lotsa features which google supports and all of them are listed here

But i am listing here some of them which i generally use and find them handy too.

Google Currency converter :

I would use google currency converter almost everyday as its recession time and it lets me know the fluctuating gold’s value in india. In India, as Dollar depreciates, Gold Appreciates. (just a tip). 😛

So i would do i, put the following line in google’s search bar


not only USD but you can convert it to any currency. Say EURO,GBP etc. If you have little programming techniques then you can make your own currency convertor without having to do much. But please see the copyright issues and all. I am sure google might be having some sorta API for this, you can always use this.

Google as a World Clock:

I would ask google like what time is it in USA at the moment, so that i can synch with my US team by having a conference call and stuff like that. Is it good time to call my US client ? And some other stuff. So for that, i can type in

time USA

This gonna list all the times zones available in that country/region.

Google a simple to complex calculator:

What if you want a calculator instantly, yeah i know windows calculator, but dont you think that is crappy little piece of windows ? Well i actually use google calculator cause i can type the an arithmetic equations directly in the google like this one, 8*4+9*5/68

But interestingly google calculator fails on some extent, see this post

Google Unit Conversion:

I was really weak at converting units since grade 5 😀

But now that doesn’t bug me, as i am always connected to internet and google does all my conversions. I don’t have to install any sorta application for conversion etc. Say i want to convert my height 5 feet  8 inches into cms then i simply have to ask google, 5 feet  8 inches in cm , isnt it amazing ?

Google Weather Reporter:

Oh shall i do my laundry today, tommorrow or next week ? Who is gonna tell me ? Shall i wear white, black or some light color depending on how weather is going to be for the rest of the day ? Who is gonna tell me ?

Yet again, google has the answer for this, Yeah google is your weather man too.. if i say

weather delhi

then google gonna tell me the weather for next 3 days, along with various humidity etc figures. Amazing eh ?

Google my dictionary:

Woah, what now ? if i say bum,goon,perplexed then you might understand if english be your native language. But what about the rest of the world, where english still is not the widely adopted means of communication. A country like china. Well for that, you can ask google to help you out in explaining the meaning of simple to complex words. for that just say


That is all i use for now.. There is a list of others, but these are the ones which you can use in your daily routine.

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Cheers !!

Realin !