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It was a fine day, when we had our Major Project Final Presentation. What presentation ,ofcourse it was a mere formality which our college or every college has to do for the university officials.
As always, I was late for the college and early morning i had to get up take my final Report from the shop which was suppose to bind it. And to my surprise he showed me a sorry face that he could not complete the task. Now what, as always I was in trouble, or the trouble surrounded me all over. Well here comes a life saver name in my mind, my friend NIKHIL, we din meet since last 3 years, but he is my very good friend, and he is into printing and sticker business. He had few links which he used that day for me. And by 10 am I had that untidy,wet, black binding ready and i was ready to roll for my college.

It took me another 1hour to reach to my college. It was a clear bright day and the environment was pretty confused. Because everyone was so confused about the presentation and what external was going to ask? I had not even a single sign of confusion on my face or actions visible, cause i was composed from inside. I knew each and every single line of my project, cause i had worked many night over it. For the north side students, the biggest achievement is to make his/her project himself/herself. Seriously, 97 outta 100 buy their projects from the Institutes or freelancers. So, it was time to see everyone learning their own project’s lines of code. Hehehehhe..

And i really Enjoyed asking people that how much did they spend on their project? Well the amount really was handsome, it varied from 2000 to 7000 INR. All the electronics guys got their project done from outside. And their projects were like GSM Robots, Laser Rays etc etc. Classy projects with a classy price tag ofcourse. My Roll Number was pretty far, as the alphabet S (my name Sachin), comes long way down the list. The External just came and the class got hit with a wooooo sound. I don’t know why everyone is confused to see an external when you know what you got in your file, i was pretty cool surfing internet over my laptop and sharing some softwares among friends.

It took 4-5 hours for the roll nos. before me to give VIVA and just before my turn they called off lunch break. Aaah another 30 mins got wasted and i was excited to show my website to the external. During my internal VIVA and presentations, my project mentor really appreciated my efforts and my presentation was quite a nice one, as my friends told me after a quick session of my presentation.

So the second session was started and before my roll number there were 4-5 groups which was suppose to go before my turn. And what i saw was they just went in the room and came out in less than a minute, oh my god !! The external and the internal teachers were just ripping them off with the questions as they just came in the combat mode. heheheheh.. Not fair enough, as everyone worked so hard, no matter how they made their project, atleast they should be given a chance, these were my views.

Everything was just going on, and suddenly my name was called and i took my steps very confidently and with a smile on my face and excited to show my project and present them with a new thing which i made myself. But oH my god, what the hell, they did not even bother to hear what i made for my college, for my friends and for the community. But my professor’s question was, “Does your site tells the address of the person visiting your site and seeking a solution?” But I never made a site to help my visitors offline, rather i wanted them to give an online solution to save time. Whatever it was, i just kept quiet as i was facing a man who has done Ph.D

He denied my work and his words were, “this is not your site” i said “okay sir”

“I am not impressed” he shot another dialog at me. I said “i will try my best next time sir”

“It is WORTHLESS” he frowned at me

There he poked the angry dragon inside me, and it was my time to shove how rough i am 😀

I forgot where I was sitting and for what I was there, i banged my laptop’s LID and my voice started to SHAKE and I stood up angrily packing my stuff and saying, Sir i cannot go to America to troubleshoot someone’s PC but my solutions can ofcourse help someone sitting online. And my voice got so loud and shrilled that our teacher came out and asked me to leave the room, and tears flooded outta my eyes and i kept saying “it is not worthless and i have spent my nights over it, i never stole it and i made each and every line myself”

But somehow madam drove me outside the room and said, “Sachin you want the marks or you want to fail?” i said ofcourse madam, i do not want to fail, but look at the way he was doing. She chilled me down and assured me that she knows that i am the one and the other guy abhinav who made their projects themselves, rest all are fake. So, i was chilled and i came back home thinking all the way that :

Why Do our efforts go worthless at times?

Is it that easy for the teachers to discard our efforts, when they are not even aware of what we did ?

When will we get pat on our backs for our true efforts ?

This incident really shook my soul and i was shocked.. but our education system really need to change, when they don’t give us practical knowledge then why do they demotivate us when we try to do something at our own ?

I am still clueless.. if you think there is a way out please share your views/comments/frustrations

LET IT COME OUT .. Share it along 🙂

cheers !!

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  1. Shaman

    December 18, 2007 at 7:37 pm

    ur website is good nd informative..the experience u’ve had with ur external was bitter ofcourse, but he is nt entirely to blame. coz as u said 97% students buy their projects instead of making it themselves. As our teachers also knw ths, they fail to encourage those few who r sincere in their work 🙁 bt such is life’s diary dear….u like it or nt u hav to live with it.

  2. Vishwas

    December 20, 2007 at 1:42 am

    Lol Bro… you had exactly the same experience as I did in med school.. External examiners are a pain in the arse 😀

    On second thought, maybe the external used to be one of those 97% of guys who plagiarised someone else’s work. In that sense he had no idea about what original stuff is made up of and how many pains we take to create it.

    But anyway buck up and keep up the good spirits.. My best wishes are with you.

  3. admin

    December 20, 2007 at 2:08 am

    So that is the reason why u left this country 😛
    thanks a lot for your support bro 😛

  4. dafc

    December 25, 2007 at 4:28 am

    Well i know i shouldn’t be posting here (ehum on that lol) buh anyways here goes, the sequence of events that rolled up in my face were even more entwined. I was denied of making my project myself by the stupid internal examiner (thats the guy selected by the damn college to look into projects and stuff at the presentations, betrayed by one of our own lmfao). He shoved the rhetorical question “You didn’t make that yourself now did ya?” I was like wtf?!?! i can explain each every loc in there, the problems and all we came down on etc etc bla bla he was like “I don’t need your explanations”, i guess he couldn’t have comprehended with em if i had started explaining lol, through the whole explanation thing he kept nodding his head and iterating on the same verse “it’s way too complicated for you guys” and of course his personal favorite “you didn’t make that yourself now did ya?”, graaah the agony !!!

  5. realin

    December 25, 2007 at 10:02 am

    yeah, it happens all the time mate. And that is why India is not progressing due to these lil C*NTS.
    But keep up the good work, and thee shall succeed..

  6. Deepak

    December 26, 2007 at 4:26 am

    hey cool sachin…just forget that nonsense of that external…we all face it because he is not listening to anyone even to those who make projects by their own efforts….but i just want to say u that if ur project is good one then u need not to worry of other reaction…u have to worry only the reactions of ur visitors,clients,friends …..thatz all ….rest forget them…so stay cool…and do ur best effort to add new things in ur site…my best wishes are with u…bye ….keep doing hard work….and keep smiling….

  7. realin

    December 26, 2007 at 7:24 am

    hey deepak thanks for ur concern and enthusiastic words… i really liked the positive attitude in you 🙂

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