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Aaaahh the pain of distance.. Well the people who know how does it feel to be away from your loved ones can only tell you how hard it is .. Well the pain of distance compelled me to make something called GPRS chat for me and my girl friend ..

And i want to share with everyone for free.. this is a small script made in php and which is compatible with all the small and big mobile web-browsers. I have checked it on s40 series as well as on s60 and s80 series. Never get a chance to check on other though. But i am damn sure it will work like a charm. It is very light so is fast, it doesnt use any javascript cause most of the mobile browsers doesnt support it. Due to the limitations of mobile web-browser it does not support auto-refreshing of the pages as well as frames in the browser. But still wrote the script in the perfect way to work without any hurdles..

It lets you insert smileys, just like yahoo.. And what more ? You can also add your customized smileys to cherish your loved ones 🙂

For much more function, i have added a page to delete recent messages, you specify a number and it will delete the recent messages for you.. Not fair enough ?? Well you can delete all the messages in just one go 😀 heheheh Isn’t it good ? You sitting right in front of your mobile, travelling, walking, running doing anything, can be in touch and can also manage the chat records and all on the go, without having to turn on your PC 🙂 This includes all the logs and everything also, you can delete logs as well.. 🙂

A log is maintained for the users coming to the website. Well no password protection has been given as i believe it is not required, rather you can directly specify your nick in the URL and get going, but if you still insist to enter the nick every time, then also it is facilitated. 🙂

Just download this small 22KB file .. Unzip it and load it to any webspace and connect using GPRS. It is all ready to work like a charm. Just read the README before you start, to get to know all the functions 🙂

Who all are using it ? Well this got developed just 3 days back… And my best friend VzX is the beta tester for it and would adapt this script forever when he is in US and his Girl Friend stays here in india for 1 more year without him 🙁

Person like me, whose Girl Friend has got a big Bro, who spy on her mobile all the time and checks the logs for messages as well as calls, but this way we do not record any log and chat all day 🙂

What More Will Be Added ?

If anyone requests then I would add Password protection, spam protection.

In the next version I am going to add, a file upload portal and a Mail portal, with simple to use interface and above all a light interface, so that you can actually use it on mobile browsers 🙂

In the End i would like to say thanks to my friend cum mentor Lord D[A]_FC

Good Luck 🙂

Shorten the Distance 🙂


Free Download period is over. Contact admin to request download

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  1. [d]a_fc

    July 15, 2007 at 7:07 pm

    good one dude!!!! I have posted an article relating to this application of yours on my blog. Actually it’s the second entry hehe.

    – peace

  2. salek

    September 17, 2010 at 1:06 am

    dude, it says here the free download period is over 🙁 …. please please i need this, you understand my need for it all too well

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