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We gonna talk here about the direct advertising and alternates to google adsense or how can you increase revenue using google adsense. I would be writing directly which is coming outta Amit’s mind in his presentation.

Woopiee realized that this presentation was hanging around on slideshare for a while now. So putting this in here.

Stop Feeling Shy

No social service. You can only survive  when you have advertisements on your blog.

Big is Better

300 x 250 px advertisements are good cause you can include, videos pictures and slideshow of images.

Where to put Ads

Users see the page as a “F“.  Brighter colors are prefered.

Experiment with colors

You can do it with A-B testing like try different colors and all.Can match font color, style with your content.

Color Schemes

You can Blend,complement or contrast the Ad color. Dark color will go with contrast color scheme.

Improve Relevance

Section targetting in adsense.


<h1> Heading</h1>

<h2>Sub heading</h2>


<h2> Reader Comments</h2>

<p>Comment 1</p>

<p>Comment 2</p>


Comments usually do not have stuff about the content, instead it has lots of adjectives. So we need to optimize in such a way so as to avoid the comments, ajectives. Now how to do it ?

Do not put ad tags near comments and the content which is repeating like subscrive to buttons etc.

Site Search

  • Do not assume that readers know how to search. Make the search button look prominent or easily viewable.
  • If you write long articles, try putting the search button at the end of the article.
  • Host search on a seperate domain like

CPM, CPC or Link Units ?

The best performing ad units are Text Ads, after that are CPM based , multimedia ads, like videos , images etc. CPM ads pay you even when the user do not click.  “CPM ads let you earn from the users who think you are a moron” Amit says so 😛

Placement Examples

Search on the top. Link unit near the header or after the post. You can have  a sky scrapper displayed in your bottom right corner of the sidebar.

You can use CrazyEgg

Your Images

Do not ignore image search by google. They really bring you lotsa revenue. You can get lotsa CPM from images sometimes even more than your content.

Flickr for traffic

Post images on the flickr, interesting once and you can actually convert those users to your blog readers.

Why Link ?

  • Help Search Engines
  • Authority
  • Good Anchor Text
  • The Dreaded Back Button

A good anchor tag helps a lot to search engines and link exchange. When the user comes to your site and hits back button to go back to the search engine results, then its a bad bad thing for you, because search engines register this action and that is bad for your page rank.

Learn Analytics

Use Google Site Analytics wisely.

Typical Mistakes

  • Diluted title/slug
  • Too many pages with similar titles/content – Make life easy for advertisers
  • Wasting Visit – NOINDEX, FOLLOW for tag pages
  • Allowing Stop Words in Comments
  • Smart Pricing
  • Feeling Complacent

Steal Ideas

Continue to experiment.Examples

Adsense Alternatives

Selling Direct Ads

It takes lotsa hard work and time. Spot the area where u want to display direct ads and experiement that area with google ads and then calculate what you are earning from there and then you can decide the price for direct ads.You can use Google Ad Manager to manage ads.

ok that was all from Amit Aggarwal.

Thanks to his wonderful session


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