Had my first fall


Started cycling a month back and had been to some great rides. One of my dear friend / mentor recommended me to start cycling before my body asks for it. Since I am a workaholic and sit all day in front of PC, I bet not much muscles move other than my fingers and eye balls. Apparently, cycling is a good exercise and lets you keep your body fit and whenever I get time I do not miss my morning ride. As a beginner,  I ride for 15-20 Kms in one go maintaining an average speed of 20kmh with a maximum of 25 Kilometre ride to my personal record.

Well, that was about my cycling experience which I probably would have wrote after a regular habit of cycling. But today I had my first fall from cycle and wanted to share my experience. I belong to punjab and apparently the roads here can be seen around potholes and I have been lucky enough to escape those potholes for the last 1 month to ride my way through. But today, I had encountered with one such pothole and unfortunately I applied front tyre break. Hence, I tumbled across the street falling on left part of my body and my head banging some where on the road.

The impact of the fall was very high but I managed to get up within no time. But later realized that it is better for me to sit for a while than to ride back home. After sitting for 15minutes I was back in action, but with the following learnings –

  1. Firefox Trek bike’s rear break is on the right and on left, opposite what usual two wheelers
  2. Never keep your mobile in pocket, yes I broke my iPhone’s screen during this adventure
  3. Always wear a helmet and that is why I am able to write this post within 2 hours of the incident
  4. Avoid taking roads that have potholes
  5. My body can still recover from these sudden falls

Glad that there was no major injury and I got mostly saved because of headgear I had put on. Just some internal pain near ribs, left shoulder and left palm. This little fall of mine gave me a lot of learning on how to avoid these kind of situations and the money I invested in buying a good helmet was worth it.

This whole incident motivate me to cycle more because I am sure my body can handle these little falls, provided they do not occur more often.

Share your fall story below and let me know how was your experience.