Now its spam SMS

Heard about spam, junk emails which claims that you won  million dollars over a night ? I have this blog entry here explaining these sorta unsolicited/hoax emails. Well this time outta usual i was spammed on my mobile with a spam text message (SMS). One could have ignored it for the first time, but if[…]

When is the next bomb blast in india ?

Just a little observation from my friend and she sent me an IM on yahoo, but it was worth a note. So i thought of sharing with you guys.. 13 May   JAIPUR June      NA 26 July     AHMEDABAD August  NA 13 September  DELHI October       NA 26 November  MUMBAI December    NA(hopefully) 13 January       What[…]
PIN spamming. How to unsubscribe?

Every other time i open my mailbox, i anticipate, that there must be some worth emails. But i just cannot believe it that more often i get a spammer(youmint) sending me mails. Here is the screenshot to show how badly they spam me. Damn 15mails in one go. i was wondering how do i unsubscribe[…]

SEO Companies are fake, dont get trapped

  Hi all, This post is kind of general awareness post. Many of times you would have seen (been a site administrator) that you get lots of junk mails popping into your mailbox about optimizing your site in the search engines. They Claim this as SEO, Search Engine Optimization. They got so and so company’s[…]

Hide files in JPEG images

Hi all, Have you ever wanted to store your secret files more safely, so that no one but you know what is there and how it can be retrieved ? Well it is very simple yet powerful methodology to do that.. You just need is WINRAR installed in your computer and a little command prompt[…]

Be Scam Smart

Just another fine day, i opened my mailbox as usual and what I see that i was rich and i got a lottery. Everything seemed to be so real as the lottery guys portrayed. Hey but one sec !! when did i just hit a lottery shop or a website ? You gotta be kidding me, i don’t play gamble nor do i believe in my own luck so much that i would waste a 100$ for lottery. But the prize money was there in my mailbox and a few easy steps can make me stand across my dream car,dream home and ofcourse 3-4 dream girls 😀 This is what everyone thinks when one looks at those charmy emails. The one i got is like this ::

UAC:Annoying security prompt in Vista

So you got Windows Vista, eh shiney .. ?? Everything is glittering, nice GUI, nice aero effects.. but what suddenly you click any administrative program it just snatches everything and shows a prompt window with black background to ask you to allow that task or, wow you are an administrator no :p The billy team[…]