BarCamp Delhi 6 venue details


Well the much awaited event of Delhi for the first quarter is already announced and i have this post here which describes the outline of the BarCamp delhi 6. Now we have finalized the the venue as MDI, gurgaon . So start registering yourself at , the registrations will be started pretty soon. We first thought to revamp the whole site but due to some technical reasons, we are still on the old layout. But we gonna be better pretty soon, and of course with the support from community.

So where do i find about the barcamp :

  1. This very place i.e. Realin’s blog
  2. Barcamp Delhi’s official web site
  3. Follow us on twitter @barcampdelhi
  4. Join the mailing list here

How can i help BarCamp:

You can help us getting sponsors. You can be a volunteer and the least you can do is spread the word BarCamp Delhi so that our community gets stronger with lotsa enthusiasm and creative ideas. Contribute by giving some talks on some of the current topics related to technology, IT, finance, entrepreneurship etc

Why do i help BarCamp:

Helping barcamp is helping yourself as well. Barcamp delhi is a community consisting of many individuals and companies relating to Media, IT, technology. People who make trends and are part of it are associated with this company. So your brand and you yourself as an individual get exposed to the niche part of the society. Barcamp is covered by various magazines, blogs, internet TV channels, twitter etc. which helps you reach to wider audience base.

Whom do i contact, how much do you charge, is there any memebership fee ?

All good things in this world doesn’t come free, but yeah this one is for free 😛 you can participate for free. You can present yourself as an individual or a company who has an idea or plan. But if you want to publicize then you will have to sponsor the camp. Because this is the only source for us to make this happen. The fooding , posters, print material, goodies are done by the sponsors. We as a community do not keep any profit and the bills are paid directly by the sponsoring companies 🙂

Any issues contact us:

# +91-9910083060

Cheers !!

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