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Test Your Broadband Speed

Want to check if you are getting the promised broadband speed? Here’s a site that can help Log on to Speedtest.net, a website that provides an application which runs a small test on your Internet

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Web 3.0, oh my god !!

Well yeah,thinking about learning web 2.0 well wait a second mate, did i hear someone saying WEB 2.0 is outdated !! yeah it is !! Today my boss promised me that next time when he

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Google Introduces Knol

Internet Tycoon google is know for its different yet useful internet applications. Continuing the same track google has landed into the market of encyclopedia, where it plans to take market share of WiKi. The concept

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Google’s Web History

“mann.. i lost it .. i had that searched that yesterday, but i cant recall the link at this time” . i used to say this few months ago.. but now what made me write

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