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Disable Windows Vista Update

Hi, Yes this annoying vista’s a general mundane problem “automatic update” is a real pain. Well to stop that filthy prompt you can write the following line in the command prompt(make sure you open it

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Disable Vista System Beep

Hiya, Just a small tweak wanted to share with you guys, i will tell you how to mute/stop that shrill System beep in Windows vista, that you sometimes  get to hear when working with MS

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Vista service pack 1 launched on tuesday

  Finally, Microsoft has released its much awaited Vista’s first service pack (SP1) this Tuesday. Microsoft says SP1 will bring “improvements that address many key pieces of customer feedback, especially in the areas of performance

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UAC:Annoying security prompt in Vista

So you got Windows Vista, eh shiney .. ?? Everything is glittering, nice GUI, nice aero effects.. but what suddenly you click any administrative program it just snatches everything and shows a prompt window with

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