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Had my first fall

Started cycling a month back and had been to some great rides. One of my dear friend / mentor recommended me to start cycling before my body asks for it. Since I am a workaholic

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Realin goes to Gym

Alright the time has come when my tummy started to grow more than its limit and i am kinda worried. So I decided to join gym for the sake of shreding some wait and squeeze

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Yes, yes, yes! The G spot does exist

After more than half a century of debate and bedroom exploration, a row about the location of the fabled G spot may be settled at last, the British weekly New Scientist reports.

G Spot

The G spot, named after a German gynaecologist called Ernst Graefenberg who first mooted its existence in 1950, is said to be a highly sensitive area in the vagina that, when stimulated, gives a woman a powerful orgasm.

But where the G spot is located has been clouded by evidence that is subjective or downright contradictory, and some experts have even concluded that it does not exist.

The answer, according to Italian researcher Emmanuele Jannini, is that, yes, the G spot does exist, but only among those women who are lucky enough to possess it, New Scientist reports.

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