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Google’s friend connect

Its social networking everywhere. The moreย  you connect across people the better you are to go further in whatsoever you are doing. Its all abou the social networking. With the massive success of facebook,orkut,myspace and

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YouTube just got Wider

Hey guys, Just opened youtube this morning to watch Russell Peters‘s gags and discovered that youtube’s player got wider than its normal size. Apparently this change has been done as mostly the uploaded videos are

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Web 3.0, oh my god !!

Well yeah,thinking about learning web 2.0 well wait a second mate, did i hear someone saying WEB 2.0 is outdated !! yeah it is !! Today my boss promised me that next time when he

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Add Business to Google Maps and vitness Google’s Automated Phone Verification

Yo Guys !!

Well today i was just finding some Petrol Pumps near my workplace and suddenly i realized that our office (Noida Region) was no where listed on google map, though the head office has its own identity shinning right in the middle of Hyderabad. This ignited the finicky nature of mine, and went deep down into google maps and realized that its so easy to add your Business/workplace into google maps.

Definitely i (not me alone) appreciate google, offering everything free of cost. So let us give a try. A simple Ajax powered form without any submit button, now that is where google rox ๐Ÿ˜€

The First option was to add the company name followed by its address, woooo… it was simultaneously locating if the inputed address was valid or no, i mean does that location practically exist, or is just fake. I was charmed by this .. cause the script was finding some square feet from the whole globe :p

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God Google or Google Devta

Yeah its google everywhere, and to prove the fact we have got the prayer for our new GOD i.e. Google God.

Look at this picture, sent to me by my junior Amit Dhir ๐Ÿ™‚

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Google Introduces Knol

Internet Tycoon google is know for its different yet useful internet applications. Continuing the same track google has landed into the market of encyclopedia, where it plans to take market share of WiKi. The concept

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Google Server Down

Today seems like it is googleless day.. being a big fan of google, i open google normally after 30 mins or so, but today since morning I have noticed, google server is down. First the

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Google’s Web History

“mann.. i lost it .. i had that searched that yesterday, but i cant recall the link at this time” . i used to say this few months ago.. but now what made me write

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