Check Bsnl Account usage in firefox

Oct 11,2008 Update: You can now check bsnl account usage using this link and of course you should be connected through bsnl broadband for that.

Here is a common belief and a check imposed by BSNL that “A User can check his/her account usage only through Internet Explorer”. May be cause there Portal is not suitable for latest technology just like their services. That is why you have to open IE and remember that pathetic IP address to check your account Usage.

I found it really hectic to open the IE and then search for the Ip of the portal.

Well guys here is something for firefox lovers, this addon is known as “DATAFOX”. it allows you to check you account usage including and excluding night hours..

so what else you need, just open your browser, copy paste the follow link :-


Install the extension and your usage will reflect 24/7 in firefox’s status bar 🙂

Cheers !!

Realin !