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Google’s Web History

“mann.. i lost it .. i had that searched that yesterday, but i cant recall the link at this time” . i used to say this few months ago.. but now what made me write

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Java Java Java

Java is getting famous or i should exactly say it is already famous.. I am too late writing this blog though.. well today i feel those who don’t know Java, are if not repenting but

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AMD Vs Core 2 DUO

well for me computer is a thing which is kind of everything .. though the first line is really confusing but still you gotta understand it later.. I was working fine with Core 2 duo

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Chat through GPRS

Aaaahh the pain of distance.. Well the people who know how does it feel to be away from your loved ones can only tell you how hard it is .. Well the pain of distance

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Microsoft believes in piracy

Well no doubt the topic really make you think, that i m talking bull shit. well its true, trust me 🙂 Microsoft Corporation, world’s most happening company which promotes legit applications and Operating System, doesn’t

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