Dev D movie review

dev-d-review-realinWell certainly i cant believe my senses that i have watched this movie and that too till intermission. The movie is really a scrap and i would suggest you guys not to watch the movie. I was stunned by the 5 sparkling stars which Times of  India gave to “Dev D” in its friday’s newspaper. My friends said its a must watch movie(may be they wanted some sorta revenge :P) . Well this all motivated me to spoil my Monday evening and bought two tickets and went to watch a movie with one of my colleague Puneet Pandey

After a tummy full dinner and a cappuccino we went for the movie. The promo for gulal was shown and these guys were tyring to prove that “hell bollywood has gone bad” like in terms of dialogues and all. So this was expected in Dev D movie. The film started with cheap dialogues and stuff like that, but later on it got so boring and was a complete drag.

I just couldn’t understand what they wanted to show the audience that the new devdas should be taking drugs instead of liquor or what ? Another paradox was that the 7 various awards winning movie slumdog millionaire could not score 5 stars in Times of India’s review but Dev D could, amazing isn’t it ?

Well whatsoever, whosoever going to watch this movie, would suggest to think once agains !!

Cheers !!
Realin !