I had a black dog, his name is depression

I found this nice video about Depression on Facebook and felt that it’s the best for those who feel they are depressed. I am from one of those who wont get easily depressed, but there can be times you get down due to challenges in life and might need to revisit your plans. I am sure after watching this video you should be able to relate yourself with some of the stuff that have been happening in your life.

This video is not for certain people, but a generic approach to human behaviour. As the video says “Everyone has a black dog in his life”. And I am sure it’s just matter of how you overcome that “Black Dog” and tame it to suit your needs.

Watch this video and “think”


2013-11-20 12.13.31

How did Rama manage to reach Ayodhya from Sri Lanka in 20 days?

I found an interesting post on Quora today which explains “How did Rama manage to reach Ayodhya from Sri Lanka in 20 days”. I thought, that I should try myself using Google Maps for Android and here’s the result in the screenshot below.

2013-11-20 12.13.31

Once again, it makes me believe that whatever is written in our history or holy books is exactly correct. You can related most of it with your REAL world.

Keshavi turns 3

Keshavi SachinToday, when my naughty little daughter turns 3, I can’t believe that she has grown so FAST. I feel like it was just yesterday that I saw her crawling and now she walks faster than I do. She is quicker than I can think / react and is always ready with so many questions in her mind. This definitely makes me believe firmly that “daughters are loving” and they grow really very fast. It’s completely a different feeling to have a daughter in one’s life and watch her growing.

Keshavi that’s the name of my naughty one and she gets naughtier each passing minute. Her actions not only amuse but makes me realise that the world is moving pretty fast and we lived a life of a saint during our childhood.

I used to enjoy company of friends, wife and now I enjoy the most with Keshavi. Weekends spent with Keshavi are just wonderful and are God gifted. There’s no affection / love in this world that can replace a daughter’s love. It’s pure, innocent and really helps a man feel complete.

Keshavi not only has brought happiness, wealth in my life but also given me and my family a new way of living. And it’s not just my daughter, but I am sure every father in this world would agree with me.

Unfortunately, I belong to that part of world where daughters are not very safe. I know this is a small try but I seriously want to tell those people, who think “daughters are burden”, that “daughters are the purest blessing” directly from God. I have felt it, you can feel it too.

with love…



How I moved from Android, iPhone to BlackBerry

I am certainly a gadget lover like any one else, but for me the most easily acquired gadget is a mobile phone. My first phone was Siemens S4 which was a “phone” in itself. With the mono display, it was more like a cordless phone. And then the technology started progressing and my gadgets too. I have tried Panasonic GD90, GD92, GD93, I am sure those who had these kinda handsets must know what I am talking about. They were different in a way they offered different screen colors, but yet mono display.

However, this post is not related to how the gadgets evolved, but I wanted to share how I moved on from using Android phone and then iPhone and finally using Blackberry and I am quite satisfied as if now. My first Android gadget was Samsung Galaxy I which really impressed me with it’s iPhone looks and yet open source OS. I have been always an open source software lover, I mean we all are – who does not love free stuff, no ? So I spend like 28,000 INR and bought this phone. It was fancy to have an Android phone which actually looks more like iPhone of those times yet with lot of functionality which iPhone could not offer. Slowly, I realized that as the data on the device increases it becomes slow, slower and finally started to drag. I looked around for updates, hacks etc. but none of them helped. Android’s update process is quite cumbersome, I am sure you will agree with this. Recently, I was told in a gadget meetup that most of the Android phones are still running old version of the OS while iPhone users upgrade their phones quite quickly and easily.

After all this, I made up my mind to give a try to iPhone. And fortunately, one of my friend from Australia sent me an iPhone as a gift. That certainly was a good sign to make the move. I seriously enjoy iPhone, I mean it’s just awesome. It won’t go unresponsive, nor is it’s marketplace bugged with too many useless app. And above all iPhone is a closed OS, which means that apps have very limited access to what OS does and seriously I enjoyed the mail experience, twitter, Facebook experience better on iPhone than Android. However, iPhone was lagging some easy to use features. The most important feature which iPhone lags is SWYPE. That means you cannot type as fast as you do on an Android phone, cause you have to press each key individually. I know, that there is an app available for iPhone but that certainly is not easy to use. Then the call logs are best managed in Android than iPhone, so somehow Android was intelligent from iPhone and I hope it will keep progressing. But the speed, reliability and responsiveness is simply unbeatable in iPhone when it comes to comparison. I could have used iPhone for some more time, but my 2 years old daughter almost broke the phone.

So now was the time to move on to a new phone. I am connected with many gadget bloggers, geeks over the facebook, twitter. After doing brainstorming sessions publicly; I had two options iPhone 4s or wait for Samsung Galaxy III. But I wanted to buy the Samsung Note though, but was advised that I should wait for Galaxy III. While I was waiting for the Launch another friend from twitter, SinghLions recommended Blackberry. I was like Blackberry, who uses one these days; but he shared his experience and told that the productivity is far more on Blackberry compared to touch phones. After a long discussion he helped me analyze my majorily used apps which certainly were –

Mail App with foremost priority, Camera I certainly use at times and not forget a good twitter & facebook app. Other than this I do not do much of the smart work with a smartphone. I do not use my phone/iPhone as iPod, I do not place games on the phone and the reason is, there are other / exclusive gadgets to do this stuff, right ?

Finally, I decided to buy a BlackBerry no matter if I have to pay extra for the BlackBerry services, I decided to buy one. And it’s been 4 weeks since I am using a BlackBerry phone and my productivity has certainly increased. I am able to upload pictures on twitter/facebook without having to worry if they will get through or no. I do not have to check every now and then, if the mail with the attachment was sent or no. I do not have to open Mail app and click refresh to check emails (cause my business runs on that). The qwerty keyboard is easy to use, and above all Blackberry is cheaper than iPhone/Android.

I am sure I made the right decision, of course with the help of friends on twitter/facebook. I am going to use BlackBerry for another 1 year and see if this is going to be my phone for ever, since I have heard that BlackBerry is quite addictive.


Stay Beautiful!

Sachin Khosla



Now Kolaveri Di Punjabi Version

While the world is going crazy about the song Kolaveri Di, we have here is a Punjabi version of the song Kolaveri Di. It is released by DesiRoutz on youtube. Without me saying much about it, just enjoy the song. I found it simply hilarious.


There are many versions of Kolaveri Di songs released over internet in the past days. On this blog you will find some of the best ones. Various groups, individuals releasing this song simply proves how awesome the original song is, which is sung by Dhanush for his upcoming tamil movie 3. I too was waiting for the punjabi version of the song Kolaveri Di and these guys have done a good job :)


Stay Cool

Sachin Khosla


What is flash mob

Flash Mob has been gathering lot of attention in India lately, so what exactly it is ? According to WiKiPedia Flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in the crowd and perform an unusual act. This act can be anything like dancing, pillow fight or anything like that. This is usually a purposeless act and is done only for entertainment or to gain attention.

Flash mob are organized by a group of people and the venue, time is kept secret within the group. This is kind of gathering is often planned over social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. The idea is to keep everything secret and then gather in the crowd and perform all of a sudden.

Flash mob came into existence in 2003 and after a failed attempt, it got success on June 03,2003. India’s first Flash mob was organized by Shonan Kothari in Mumbai. She planned this flash mob to pay tribute to 26/11 victims in Mumbai. This Flash mob was a huge success which gathered around 200 people from the age of 4-60 years.

This flash mob took place at CST the same local train station, where terrorist attacked. The group danced on the song from a movie “Rang de basanti”. For ten minutes everyone around was left surprised. A glance at this flash mob can be seen in the below video –


After the flash mob in Mumbai, a group also gathered in Delhi for Flash Mob. Unfortunately, they were unable to make it success. The police authorities did not allow them to perform them at Janpath. Later they move on to another place called Priya Market, where they were able to stun crowd for few minutes, but then again they were dispersed by local traffic police.

This is similar to what happened with the world’s first flash mob in 2003. I am hoping, there will be more Flash mob in our country, so that the sleeping government can understand that people are still united, no matter what.

Stay Good!
Sachin Khosla

Dhanush Shruti Hassan 3 Movie Posters

Why this kolvaeri Di song’s lyrics

Here is the lyrics of the song Why this Kolvaeri Di ,sung by Dhanush for the Tamil Movie movie 3. If you want to watch the video and read more about it, then head to my previous post - Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di

Yo boys i am singing a song

Soup song
Flop song
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Rhythm correct
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Maintain this
Why this Di

Distance la moon-u moon-u
moon-u color-u white-u
white background night-u night-u
night-u color-u black-u

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

white skin-u girl-u girl-u
girl-u heart-u black-u
eyes-u eyes-u meet-u meet-u
my future dark

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di

maama notes eduthuko
appadiye kaiyla snacks eduthuko

Pa pa pa ppaan- Pa pa pa ppan-Pa pa pa ppaan pa pa ppan
pa pa paan pa pa paan pa pa paa pa pa paan
sariya vaasi

super maama ready
ready 1 2 3 4

whaa wat a change over maama

ok maama now tune change-u

kaila glass
only english-a..

hand la glass
glass la scotch
eyes-u full-aa tear-u
empty life-u
girl-u come-u
life reverse gear-u
lovvu lovvu
oh my lovvu
you showed me bouv-u
cow-u cow-u holy cow-u
i want u hear now-u
god i m dying now-u
she is happy how-u

this song for soup boys-u
we don’t have choice-u

Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di
Why this kolaveri kolaveri kolaveri di


Why this kolaveri Di by Sonu Nigam’s son Nevaan

After the success of the famous song Why this Kolaveri Di there are many versions floating on the youtube for the same. However, the song sung by Sonu Nigam’s son Neevan has gained massive number of hits over youtube.

The original singer of the song, Dhanush, has also praised for the song and has liked the video. Neevan has sung this song brilliantly well. However, In my humble opinion, I still like the song sung by Dhanush. I am sure there are lot of people who will disagree with me, but then again it’s my own opinion.

Nevertheless, Please enjoy the Kolaveri Di song sung by Neevan.

Stay Good,

Sachin Khosla


Why This Kolaveri Kolaveri Kolaveri Di

Kolaveri Di songs has gone viral over the internet and has broken many records. It has become youth anthem today! I do not understand the language of the song which is, Tamil. This song is sung by Dhanush, son-in-law of superstar Rajinikanth for his upcoming moive “3“. The song is composed by Anirudh, who seems to be in demand after this song.As per my twitter friends the word Kolaveri means “Murderous Rage” and “Di” means “me”.

The song got 83,000+ youtube hits within 24 hours. This may not be top hit among youtube, but yes the figures are quite noticeable. The music is quite impressive and exceptionally well sung. I am not sure if you understand Tamil like me, but you should once listen to this song, which is right here –


Stay Good,
Sachin Khosla


Rockstar – Movie Review

I watch only selected hindi movies in the theater and Rockstar was one of those selected few. I went to watch movie with a perception of complete making of “Rockstar” out of a normal man, with a light touch of love in his life. However, I was shocked to see that the movie’s plot is the other way around. It was making of a “Rockstar” for sure, but an excessive involvement of love.

Ranbir Kapoor is playing the role Janardhan Jakhar a.k.a JJ a.k.a Jordan in the movie. Ranbir’s acting through out the movie is appreciable and Ranbir will definitely be a super star one day. This movie is about a rebel rockstar who does not care for anything in the world but about his love. His accidental love Nargis Fakhri playing role of a Kashmir’s rich girl, Heer.

The movie is all about Jordan getting back to Heer after two of them spent some “naughty” time together and thereafter Heer getting married to a rich guy in Prague.

From this point, the movie takes a complete turn and Jordan’s life starts becoming difficult just like any other superstar’s starting life. Also, the whole concept of becoming Rockstar now shifts to how Jordan can get back his love, Heer. Jordan does not care if Heer is already married, all he wants is Heer and her body, that was kinda absurd, but ok :)

Jordan gets a chance to do a concert and reaches Prague, does all the naughty stuff with Heer comes back to become a Rockstar for all the crazy stuff he did in Prague. Movie loses the track about “Making of a Rockstar” and instead focuses how love/lust (could not differentiate) becomes important in Jordan’s life and overpowers his life’s goal of becoming.

So the accidental love in his life, also makes him a accidental Rockstar. People are crazy about Jordan cause of the pain in his voice and the way he gives a damn to everyone else. No matter even if he slaps, abuses anyone publically be it his fans or media. No matter even if he does not show up at his concerts, thousands of people will still love him, little unrealistic :)

Overall, this movie is emotional and becomes drag in middle. But nevertheless, the direction, acting and the cinematography is worth watching. I am not a movie reviewer, but if you have 3 complete hours to bear emotional up & down then you should definitely head towards theater. Else wait for it to get broadcasted on television and then you can change the channel after middle of the movie.

My Rating – 2.5/5

Stay Good,

Sachin Khosla


MTV Roadies 9 Auditions – dissected

MTV Roadies is undoubtedly a famous reality show in India, especially among the youth. It surely is a shortcut way to a world which is filled with never ending fame. This has been proven a fact not once but almost a decade now. I too, did not believe the fact until I was given a chance to experience this myself. Yes, I went to cover the MTV Roadies 9 Auditions in Chandigarh, via Blogadda. Blogadda gave a chance to Indian bloggers to cover this awesome event over their blogs. I was one of those few lucky bloggers, personal thanks to HarishK and Nirav. In this post, I have decided to share my experience in MTV Roadies audition. An unforgettable experience, comes straight from my head and not edited, scripted.

I was excited for being invited to cover MTV Roadies Audition. This was going to be my life’s first Reality Television show which I would experience live. Sure, it was something that would thrill anyone like me. I burrowed a DSLR camera so that I can capture each moment with clarity and not having to miss anything.

First Impression

Gayatri was the girl who has been coordinating with all bloggers who came to cover the Auditions. As soon as I entered the Indradhanush Auditorium, Panchkula I could see a huge queue of guys waiting to get inside. Some claim that they have been waiting since 6am in the morning, as the gates were to open at around 9am. The crowd in the queue was waiting endlessly just for once chance to reach the registration counter and get inside the auditorium. They would ignore the Sun scorching them, the thirst making their mouth go dry and hunger striking their stomach.Plain excitement –

As soon as I entered the Auditorium, yes with a “Press” tag, what I see is that the people who came for auditions are waiting for the “3R” to appear on the stage. For those who are not aware – 3R stands for Raghu, Rajiv, RannVijay, the force that has been driving MTV Roadies for 9 long years. The stage was being managed by the past Roadies winners. When I entered I saw the dashing Gurbani (aka Bani) on the stage. The complete ambience was just awesome and had a lot of energy. Every face inside the Auditorium said “I am going to be the next roadies“.

While the crowd waited for 3R to appear, they were also given a chance to meet the former Roadies winners. Suchit, Mohit, Anamika shared tips with everyone on how to clear the first round of Roadies Audition which is called “Group Discussion Round”. The simple tip that these three shared is “You have to be yourself. Do not hesitate, Do not show off. Just be confident but at the same time be unique”. I am hoping many of them learned a lot from that.

Right after the interaction, the moment had come when the 3R appeared on the stage. I am sure that I cannot define the moment in words, since it was a splendid moment when Raghu, Rajiv and Rannvijay appeared on the stage. The complete auditorium filled with the voice calling “RannVijay RannVijay”. Yes our own Punjabi boy RannVijay has become a youth icon and a hero for the people. And the DJ kept playing the awesome Punjabi songs. For 5 odd minutes Raghu, Rajiv were stunned looking at the energy of the crowd. Finally, Raghu broke the silence and showed his excitement after looking at the enthusiastic crowd of Chandigarh. Mark my words, usually he is not like that. Rannvijay addressed everyone in Punjabi, which I am sure made everyone feel great. Along with the trio “R” was accompanied Nagesh Kukunoor , who promoted his upcoming movie Mod starring Rannvijay. See I told you in the starting MTV Roadies is a shortcut to fame. RannVijay the winner of MTV Roadies 1 is now an actor too. That is where Roadies takes a normal person to, sure you have to believe that.

Now it was time to start the real fun. The auditions for MTV Roadies seasons 9 started with the Group discussion round. It works on the basis of registration number which is provided on the first come first served basis. Various groups of around 20 people were made and were sent to different rooms for the first elimination round i.e. Group Discussion. The rules were simple, Speak in Hindi and Speak different. Do not make a mess, isn’t that a general Group discussion rules ? Yes, these are – but when it’s MTV Roadies Group discussion then one ought to perform really better and may act foolish. So that is where Roadies moderators throw them out. I witnessed a Group discussion, to tell you the fact all participant looked scared to me and the moderator Sugandha was very strict. They were given a topic Corruption to be discussed in the group. Apparently, that’s the most topic in the country today.

Sugandha told that during the Group discussion moderation she would not like participants to create fish market. Instead she would like to listen to each one of them. Literally, she listened to each candidate one by one since they were not able to do a proper group discussion. I must say, Sugandha has got great patience. Also she added, that for a participant to qualify (as per her moderation), she will look for someone with good personality and a spark. A good candidate can be spotted unique among the crowd, she said.

The shortlisted candidates from GD are called back and then sent to further one on one interview. That is the main audition broadcasted on the MTV and this is where the candidates get drilled by Raghu and Rajiv duo. While the GD is going on in batches the candidates waiting in Auditorium were having fun too. Various games, contents were being played. In one of the game two random girls were called on the stage and were asked to try a specially carved MTV Roadies Shoe, designed by Mochi. The deal was who so ever gets the best fit, gets a chance to take the shoe pair home, more like a Cinderella story. Since both the girls got best fit, hence they were asked to sing a song for everyone in the hall. Ritika sung a pretty well awesome song, which made everyone clap and shout for her, hence the winner. Raman, the other girl also got MTV Roadies special notebooks.

So you see, it’s never ending fun at MTV Roadies. I found that the girls were more excited for Roadies auditions. While few hesitated to talk about where did they come from, many were outspoken :) It was unforgettable and very excited journey at MTV Roadies. I thank MTV and Blogadda to giving us a chance to cover the Auditions. One questions which I have been asking to everyone in the Roadies team about the “Reality show being Real“. I am sure many of you might be thinking that some parts of the series are scripted or is meant to be deflected in someway to gain TRP. But, while interviewing the former Roadies winners and talking to various other team members, it appears that it’s a REAL show and not scripted.

It really hurts when someone says that the show is scripted says Aanamika while talking to the bloggers. Suchit and Mohit added that – Whenever someone is disqualified in the show we are not aware of that beforehand. The emotions, tears or the reactions are natural. After all, we are people chosen from the normal public and we are the normal guys. We are no actors to make such dramatic emotions, added Mohit.

Overall the complete experience was awesome. I also got a chance to interview Raghu, Rajiv which I am going to write in the next post.

And the bloggers Team

Disclaimer - I am not affiliated with any media agency nor is this a paid post.

Stay Good


What’s with Babbu Maan stickers on cars and two wheelers

Undoubtedly, Babbu Maan has become very famous singer not only in Punjab but all over the world. He has also acted in few Punjabi movies that added some more fame to his name.

However, after I moved back to Punjab 7 months back I noticed that this guys is much more popular than one can imagine. Playing his songs in the car is one thing, but almost 4 out of 10 taxis have his face sticker pasted on the back of the car. These cars are mainly tourist vehicles which get hired with a driver to roam around the state or outside the state.

This was really surprising for me that a singer could become so famous that people paste his face picture on their cars. When I was a kid, every next heavy vehicle (Trucks we call it), had the line “kite kalli beh ke sochi ni, asi ki nahi kita tere layi” . This is a famous song sung by Manmohan Waris, another famous Punjabi singer. This line of the song was paste along with an image of a lady sitting while leaning down her head in the knees. That was acceptable since it was not specific to a person.

But I fail to understand how and why Babbu Maan is on every car today. Probably that is how we Punjabis are, showing love no matter how we do it :)

Another noticeable thing about these stickers is that a variant comes which says “Chardi Kalla” and is written exactly in the same way as “Calvin Klein” and it’s logo.

Again, there is no limit to the love Punjabis can give :)

Stay Good !

Sachin Khosla

Mumbai Blasts July 13, quick help here

Multiple blasts in Mumbai reported late evening today. Here is a quick way to help people or if you need help. These blasts took place in Dadar, Jhaveri Bazaar and Opera House. Please stay safe, stay in indoors. Do not panic and use the following sheet if you need help.

Just enter your details on the sheet or search for help

These blasts are again a set back for India ‘s security and the co-incidence is today it’s Kasab’s Birthday. News channel now say that it was a prank and someone changed the Birth date for Kasab on WiKipedia. Sad that people play such pranks :(

Kasab is the only convict captured alive by Mumbai police when 26/11 incident took place.



Stay safe,

Sachin Khosla


After watching Delhi Belly

First of all, I am not a movie reviewer nor do I think I can analyze movies so well. But after watching movie Delhi Belly , I simply could not resist myself from writing this post and share where exactly the Indian cinema has reached :)

This movie came into everyone’s notice after it’s song Bhaag Bhaag Bose DK bhaag. Many of people around me could not get what exactly this song meant. Bose Dk – DK bose actually becomes a famous Hindi abuse if said repeatedly. Yes, it’s true and this song is there on every Radio station, Music channel etc.

This different experiment of Amir Khan Productions is liked by almost everyone of the age 18-40 in India. Nevertheless, it is disliked by many people as well, because of the abusive language used in the movie. And hence this movies is rated Adult.

There were times when some movies being made in bollywood had some explicit dialogues or double meaning terms. But gradually that could not entertain people and the producers have become real open with the audience. People tend to enjoy these kind of movies more than a slow love story now. Yet some families do not feel comfortable watching this movie but it’s “ok” to watch these kind of movies for majority.

I personally enjoyed the movie thoroughly and every single “explicit word” in that movie, probably the reason is I went to watch movie all alone :) My questions are –

  • What If I was with my wife, family ?
  • is it possible to laugh “your ass off” on those dialogues when your dad is sitting next to you ?

I know many of you will say “Yes dude, sure what’s the problem ?” But I come from a society or part of world where I still feel uncomfortable to watch this kind of movie with my family.

But amongst all the above thoughts, one thing which is true about the move is – It’s a nice watch. Guys are going to love the movie since it shows how life fucks you for no reason and how you can fuck back your life and have fun ;) and there I said it. Because talking about this movie and not using abusive language would be unfair.

In the end, you should watch this movie if –

  • You want to just laugh like anything.
  • You got sense of humor.
  • You got patience to listen all those stuff
  • last but not least, all you want is 2 hours of non-stop fun.

Yes this movie has not intermission and no songs to spoil the fun. So you have 2 hours of plain enjoyment and you can laugh your ass off.

You may definitely feel that this blog entry is kind of ambiguous. Since I started with how the Indian Cinema has took a tide in few years and then started to curse this movie and in the end I said it’s an awesome movie. Infact, this is how audience are here in India. They are really concerned about culture, community, holiness etc. etc. but they still want to have fun. So a movie like this gets into lot of controversy gains attraction and becomes a success in the end.

Hope you will watch this movie sooner. If you plan to watch at home, make sure you have the headphones on. Enjoy the song DK bose.

Be Good.

Sachin Khosla

And here we go..

Hello People,

I am going to start this personal blog of mine, which has been pending this long now. I have been writing for quite a while now, but that has been totally technical. However, some part of my brain always wanted to convert thoughts into words. And with this blog, that gets converted and shared with rest of the world, which is awesome in itself.

This is going to be a completely my experiences, ramblings, feelings good/bad. The thoughts expressed in this blog are totally unbiased and should not be related to any person/company or group.

Lol that sounds very formal, but just wanted to clear few things before I delve into this :)

Nevertheless, wish me luck and I am sure it will have some regular updates.

Be Good.

Microsoft to discontinue IE6 from end of April 2009

Phewww.. Finally programmers can take a cool breath when Microsoft has announced that from April end, Microsoft is going to offer automatic updates for users who are still pondering on IE6 and IE7 to IE8.

This may help in killing IE6 for sure and save some useful time for the programmers who keep messing with the UI issues with IE6. Not only UI but other JavaScript errors, DOM components et cetera. Here is the quick snippet from the IE blog

Starting on or about the third week of April, users still running IE6 or IE7 on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, or Windows Server 2008 will get will get a notification through Automatic Update about IE8. This rollout will start with a narrow audience and expand over time to the entire user base. On Windows XP and Server 2003, the update will be High-Priority. On Windows Vista and Server 2008 it will be Important.

Surely, it is the time for all of us to celebrate IE6’s death :)

Realin !

10 Terrorists came by Boat, 539 terrorists will come by your vote, vote Carefully

india_flagWith due respect to the constitution and honorary leaders of India I request all citizens to VOTE !!

There should not be any excuse for us this time for voting. Other developed countries may not need these slogans or push for the citizens to ask them to vote, but in India it becomes the prime issue to ask people to vote. Instead we should decide which leader to be chosen based on the work they do, background they possess most of us just vote for the sake of voting.

Youngsters from the 18 – 23 of age vote as their parents suggest in most of the cities, i may be wrong altogether but seriously this is the fact. They vote parties and not the person. They vote for money and not for the future. I was or still I am not a liberal person but I feel this time we all can make a change. This is the time when India needs a change with the changing world and sutff.

So join hands and let us all vote to the person who is not from the famous party but is famous for his clean background or has the courage to “Change India” :)

The heading of this post signifies “10 terrorists came by boat” points to the mumbai 26/11 attack in which all the terrorists came by sea and “539 terrorists will come by your vote” means that if you do not cast your vote to a righteous person then all you gonna create is yet another terrorist in the country :P

Jai Hind !!

Sachin Khosla

P chidambaram,home minister,got hit by shoe in a press conference

This is really shocking for the nation that the honorable Home Minister Mr. P. chidambaram got hit by a shoe in a press conference. Some people take it lightly saying that this is yet another case similar to the one in which US president Bush got hit by two shoes in Iraq during the press conference. p-chidambaram23_26

But just give it a thought, that US prez never got hit in his own country by his own country man. Instead it was some other country and it was a protest by citizen of some other country. This is really heart breaking that being a citizen of India and the person is hitting his country’s Home Minister by a show. There are many ways to protest in India, they might be slow impacting but atleast do not disregard the people who lead India. You do not respect them but does that mean you have the right to insult them?

India needs a real change !!


Sachin Khosla

What is the size of twitter display image

Heya folks,

After I wrote the blog entry How to create follow me on twitter image/logo with photoshop on my other techn blog I saw a healthy increase in the twitter queries from google and other search engines. Among them one query which I noticed everyday was as simple as that, “What is the size of twitter display image” and I wondered why don’t people get that ? :D

Anyways the twitter’s display image has two sizes 73 x 73 px and  48 x 48 px. The one on your homepage i.e. is the one with 73px. The other 48px one would appear in the time line. For instance my profile’s 73px version is here . So if you open it in the intelligent browser firefox then you will see the size in px written in the title bar. For the timeline picture i have this screenshot, just to suffice you :P


Hope this bring google queries in the right direction and helps someone :p

Realin !

OSSCamp Delhi IIT New Delhi, Day 1

osscamp-logoOSScamp, the largest unconference of India was help today at IIT, New Delhi. I woke up around 6:30 am in the morning and got ready by 8 after twittering,blogging etc for the camp. I took Kinshuk Sunil ,the most active member of the OSSCamp community, along with me and we drove towards towards the venue. We were already late , thanks to the heavy traffic  of New Delhi which won’t let you do anything on time.

Anyways we had a slow start of the day but few of the participants were already there waiting for us to drop in and start the talks, and especially the Internet/WiFi.To tell you the fact, IIT Delhi, sucks in terms of network connection. No one is there to help you out, give out the details for the network even if they agree to provide you. Its more like a typical govt. institute (although i know its all govt. but still IIT is IIT). So whatever the organizer or volunteer reading this blog, please DO NOT CHOOSE IIT, Delhi as the camp’s venue, if your audience want to do live tweeting or live blogging.

rohit-clubhackAfter quite a mess we finally arranged the keys for the projector from some guy who was at Boy’s hostel and the camp started. It was already 11 past and were like OMG. So Rohit Srivastwa started with his first talk and i could see from his pace that he is not a normal human among us. Then upon having a chat with him i found that this guy is helping around government organizations for hacking related stuff etc etc. So in short this guy is the real GEM of India and is filled with immense knowledge about networks, hacking techniques and above all how to be safe on internet. Quick advices from him :

  • Never ignore https warnings
  • Do no use websites which send your password as cleartext when you hit forgot password
  • Keep your softwares, web applications, OS updated and fully patched
  • Always install a good firewall and a nice Antivirus on your system
  • Thinks windows can be a better server if used wisely, cause it would sit quiet , update itself and keep  you calm

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Learn when you got no job through youtube edu

Layoffs, job cuts, recession, financial crisi and what not ? World is heading towards its bad time since world war II, but to be on the positive edge you can learn more cause you have got more time to do so. In this layoff season or in the times when there are no jobs or people just do not have work to do then you can sit back at home and enjoy learning new technologies and stuff using YouTube Edu. It is a special section which showcases videos from schools, universities to help people learn.


A quick search using the keyword  “php” video results 1 – 20 of about 63

There are two search boxes available. The main search under the top navigation bar redirects you to the main However the below it searched videos within the EDU channel and are mainly videos from professors and schools. Probably this can help children learn more actively and with interest. But for the young ones who got no job then they have got a reason to sharpen skills to get a better, more stable job.

Realin !

OSSCAMP New delhi march 2009 at IIT Delhi

Fellow Campers,

How you guys doing lately ? Cracked some softwares ? Well say no to piracy cause we have OSSCAMP delhi back in action for Delhi/NCR region. For those who do not know about OSSCAMp, lemme do a quick copy paste

OSScamp is a thriving, young and vibrant community of open source enthusiasts in India. The community revolves around ‘unconferences’ that we love to call camps.

At a Camp, we love to cross-talk, huddle together, raise some noise, celebrate technology, argue over how Linux is the coolest OS ever made, fight on our fav programming languages, discuss stuff, and what not! We are a year old, learning to walk, baby speaking on loud, and with a cape tied on our backs, we dream of soaring high in the sky.

So here are the details for OSSCAMP New delhi,

Event Title: OSScamp Delhi March 2009
Location: New Delhi
Venue: IIT Delhi, Seminar Hall, IIT, Delhi
Date: Saturday March 28, 2009 – Sunday March 29, 2009
Time: 9:00am – 6:00pm Asia/Calcutta
Fee: — Free — :)
Contact Person:
Kinshuk Sunil, OSSCube, (+91 99100 24895)
Sigup for the Event!

See you there:)


Delhi NCR IndiBlogger meet April 2009

Fellow Bloggers,

After the successful BarCamp Delhi 6 and the unforgettable experience at wordcamp India, its time for NCR’s community to fasten their seat belts for yet another blogging event called IndiBlogger meet. This is organized by IndiBlogger and the details are as followed.

Scheduled for 04/04/2009 at 15:00

The IndiBlogger Meet returns to the capital – Let’s make this a good one! Please send in your ideas for the agenda. The organizer can be reached at +919880518019

Microsoft Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd
DLF Cyber Green, DLF Cyber Citi
Sector 25A, Phase3, Gurgaon – 122002


Proposed by Anwin Joselyn, a blogger from Bangalore

Realin !

5 ways to make use of twitter

Its been long now since twitter totally tookover almost every social networking site. Facebook one of the top social networking site has almost revamped its user interface to match like twitter. Some on twitter only said “If you can’t be them, then just copy them” .. LoooL :D

I use twitter actively and with the handle realin.Well here are few things which i think can be  done using twitter .

1) Social Networking Follow Follow Follow a lot interesting people, or whatever you can think of. You think of a product, be it wordpress, techcrunch, gigaom,digg you find all of them on twitter. So that way you directly know what is happening on their front.

2) Updates about the rest of the world Almost every news channel or media agency is on twitter today. So they flash news everytime they update it on live television or on their websites. So when you are away from your TV and are lazy enuff to scroll through RSS feeds you can rely on twitters.

3) People spread the word Retweet is the other name of fire in the forest. If there is something really big or important, like mumbai attacks in India 26/11, everyone was getting updates on twitter. People do it using the hastags like #mumbai, #FAIL etc

4) Jobs and other business opportunities You are able to meet genuine people over internet around the world using twitter. They definitely are of any use at any time in your professional or social life. Like i am getting married and many event organizers have contacted me using twitter. Other than this once in a month i get a job offer or a freelance work option using twitter. Its like easiest way to outsource work to india now. You do not need to login into any job sites or stuff.

5) You are not bored at all This is the best thing !! With twitter  you are never bored, because somewhere someone is tweeting around when you are feeling bored. So its kinda miniblog + Chat  + Social networking.

I feel twitter is the best thing happened to internet. At first I thought its just like other social networking sites like orkut, myspace, facebook, but guys its really different and you will love it.

Applications i use to access my twitter account

Twhirl -the social software client

Twitterfox – mozilla firefox addon

I am also planning to create one app for myself, lets see when i get time to do so :)

Realin !

Realin goes to Gym

Alright the time has come when my tummy started to grow more than its limit and i am kinda worried. So I decided to join gym for the sake of shreding some wait and squeeze my tummy. I being a punjabi is ought to have a tummy and when i see my dad’s early 80s  pictures, awww mann he was as thin as  I was 2-3 months back . But now if you see his current physique he is like 4 times than me.

So to cut the heredity effect I am Gyming everyday now. The coach says that i have good buil and the base is really solid so it wont take much time for me to squeeze this thing off. But still when he asks me to do AB excercise .. awwww god ..

I have changed my diet, my breakfast is now a glass full mil with some cornflakes, unlike 4 stuffed pranthas with loads of butter :( which used to be there 2 weeks back.

I have started my excercise with 1200+ mts of walk+running followed by 5mins of cross walker .. and then the normal gyming excercises. Feels good cause i can see the results. Would recommend all the software engineers who code all day sitting right at their chairs and eat lotsa cheese, sweets, and oily food to go ahead and spare some  time for their health

Sachin Khosla

OSSCamp chennai – Yet again an unconference

Well this year started with some great events and I think the trend goes on. Today when we have BarCamp Delhi going on over there the community is ready to get rolled with another set of events. Osscamp Chennai March 2009, has been announced for March 13-14, 2009. The venue for the same is “Chennai Trade Centre” and is organized with OSI Tech Days 2009.

OSScamp is meant to promote open source and by bringing the technology people on the same platform in an unconference is really a great idea.

Here the details in:

What : OSScamp Chennai

Where : Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai

When : March 13-14, 2009

Cheers !!

Tata Nano to launch in mumbai

tata-nano-realinWow there is a great new for people who have been desperately waiting for Tata’s small segment care Nano. Its a 4-seater car, with rear engine and is all set to carry the low budget population of india.Its the cheapest family car and comes in different versions as normal cars.  This car is set to roll out on March 23th in mumbai.

Waiting to see it on road …..

Sachin Khosla

The Ni Dilli Ruby February Meetup

realin-ruby-iconOk this year has begin with much of events and conferences. Seems like recession has hit everyone that the people are getting really serious about networking, upgrading their knowledge and getting more socially active or friendly. So that just in case he/she gets pinkslip then he/she has something to do for :P

Anyways that is just me and this is not at all related to this event anyhow. Well the Ruby Meetup is being organized in the city and the details are as following :

When: February 28, 2009 11:00 AM

Where: Vinsol Office
2/6, Basement, West Patel Nagar Main Road (2 mins from metro station)
Ni Dilli

If you would like to present a session at this event, send an email to Asst. Organizer kapil at vinsol dot com . We have one hour session slot available. Jump into the opportunity and share your ideas with the ruby/ rails community.

For more details please visit here

Although the date clashes exactly with the BarCamp Delhi 6, but lets see if the organizers can delay it to someway later.


BarCamp Punjab , is it really going to be there?

barcamp-punjab-logoJust now got a call from Assistant Director of Lovely Professional University , Mr. vaibhav Mittal. I am the alumni of same college and i have been asked to participate in BarCamp Punjab. Well actually not participate but drive it. I always wanted that punjab should have its own barcamp cause students from punjab have really got the energy but they don’t get the proper platform to show what they have in them . It is the first initiative that we all going to take it unitedly. I would like to ask all the readers of my blog, to please step forward and enlighten the state punjab (land which is responsible for outputing maximum IT/Computer Engineers ) with BarCamp.

For now, do not have much details on it, but i am sure things gonna be pretty clear very soon. For registration and carpooling etc, Please keep on checking this space for more information.

Cheers !!
Realin !

BarCamp Delhi 6 | Wakeup Call for all the campers

wakeup-barcamp-delhiHey guys,

This is a cheerup call for everyone who have been waiting for the most talked about event “BarCamp”. Well we are all set to go good for this weekend. Thanks to  Directi who is  silver sponsor and helped us materialize the event. Thanks to all others sponsors as well.

As you know we have only 4 days to go for the main event to started. Lets get up and get our basics done.

1) Register yourself at
2) Add your carpool (if you got any)
3) Post a BlogEntry about BarCamp Delhi 6. Use the keyword as BCD6 and for logo visit Here

If you need a reference post, then quickly i can point you to my blogpost Barcamp Delhi 6 – BCD6

But i am sure there are many others over the internet and you gonna add your blogpost to this pool. Guys this time BarCamp Delhi really needs your support. We have to show our sponsors that we have got the same enthusiasm and the spirit inside us and we are not gonna sit back, no matter how recession or downturn hits world :P

Any doubt, any suggestion, any complains, just leave a comment or post in the mailing list

And what a coincidence that just after the movie Delhi 6 hits the screen we have our 6 version of BarCamp Delhi 6 . So we have another reason to put smile on your face :P

Realin !