5 ways to make use of twitter


Its been long now since twitter totally tookover almost every social networking site. Facebook one of the top social networking site has almost revamped its user interface to match like twitter. Some on twitter only said “If you can’t be them, then just copy them” .. LoooL 😀

I use twitter actively and with the handle realin.Well here are few things which i think can be  done using twitter .

1) Social Networking Follow Follow Follow a lot interesting people, or whatever you can think of. You think of a product, be it wordpress, techcrunch, gigaom,digg you find all of them on twitter. So that way you directly know what is happening on their front.

2) Updates about the rest of the world Almost every news channel or media agency is on twitter today. So they flash news everytime they update it on live television or on their websites. So when you are away from your TV and are lazy enuff to scroll through RSS feeds you can rely on twitters.

3) People spread the word Retweet is the other name of fire in the forest. If there is something really big or important, like mumbai attacks in India 26/11, everyone was getting updates on twitter. People do it using the hastags like #mumbai, #FAIL etc

4) Jobs and other business opportunities You are able to meet genuine people over internet around the world using twitter. They definitely are of any use at any time in your professional or social life. Like i am getting married and many event organizers have contacted me using twitter. Other than this once in a month i get a job offer or a freelance work option using twitter. Its like easiest way to outsource work to india now. You do not need to login into any job sites or stuff.

5) You are not bored at all This is the best thing !! With twitter  you are never bored, because somewhere someone is tweeting around when you are feeling bored. So its kinda miniblog + Chat  + Social networking.

I feel twitter is the best thing happened to internet. At first I thought its just like other social networking sites like orkut, myspace, facebook, but guys its really different and you will love it.

Applications i use to access my twitter account

Twhirl -the social software client

Twitterfox – mozilla firefox addon

I am also planning to create one app for myself, lets see when i get time to do so 🙂

Realin !