Increase Your Firefox Speed — It really worx


Well guys this one is a cool trick. You might have read it elsewhere also about this cool little tweak which increases speed of firefox browser to give you a better browsing experience. I never believed this kinda outta way stuff, and always sticked to firefox’s default settings. But today, i was in little conforming mood and i tried this trick. And trust me its been just 5 mins ago i tried and it was so awesome that i feel like sharing with you guys.

You gotta give it a try and trust me the speed is optimized, i dont know to what level, but seriously you will notice the difference. Here are the steps you need to follow ::

1) Open firefox and in the address bar type about:config

2) Firefox 3.0.1 may give you a warning that you gotta be careful in whatver changes you make. You hit ok and you will be shown a screen where you can edit certain configuration settings. In the search bar type in or just copy paste from here network.http.pipelining

3) Double click the configuration stated above to change its value from false to true.

4) Now right click and hit new>Integer . Type inĀ nglayout.initialpaint.delay in the prompt box and hit OK. Now in the next box punch in numeric zero i.e. 0 and click ok.

5) Restart your browser and feel the difference.

If you think it changed your browsing speed, let me know

cheers !!

Realin !