Microsoft realesed XP Service Pack(SP) 3


Yeah, Microsoft has finally released its Service Pack 3, the most awaited release for the XP users. Though microsoft has officially trying to obsolete XP, but since most of the users treat XP being the most stable version released by MS, so it has to give constant updates. None of the hardware vendor, like HP, VAIO is incorporating XP as the Operating System and they do not provide drivers for the same.

Before this release there were many fake or leaked Service packs were released, but they all proved hoaxes and contained severe bugs. The version released this time is still a RC(release candidate) version and the final version is yet to be released(i.e. Stable one). Let’s see what Microsoft plans to do, after the shocking denial of Yahoo’s stakes.

To download the SP3 click here

Ofcourse the links, keep changing if you come after 6 months or so to this blog, the link wont be there, but you can always search on google for the same 😉

Keep Rocking and loving Microsoft, Mr Gill Bates need your sympathy 😀

cheers !

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  1. SSK

    February 18, 2008 at 8:46 pm

    the word “were” repeated in second paragraph 1st line…

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