Microsoft believes in piracy


Well no doubt the topic really make you think, that i m talking bull shit. well its true, trust me 🙂

Microsoft Corporation, world’s most happening company which promotes legit applications and Operating System, doesn’t use legit software in its own operating system.

Well here is a proof, i read it somewhere in a magazine long time back, so i though i would share with you guys..

just goto start->run and type “C:WindowsHelpToursWindowsMediaPlayerAudioWav”

you will see 10-12 wav files, just open anyfile in nay of the text editor, then what you see ?

yeah its all messed up binary data, but if you scroll till the end of the file in the text editor you will see a line like this

ENGDeepz0neISFTSound Forge 4.5

now what it has to do with Microsoft being culprit, well if you see the name Deepz0ne, it is the name of a very well known cracker in the history, they believe he cracked this proggie sound forge as general and microsoft guys downloaded it and they are too morons that they even do not know how to use cracked stuff..

well this give us right to used cracked microsoft apps and stuff 🙂

thanks gill bates(name given by my friend)

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  1. [d]a_fc

    June 9, 2007 at 3:57 am

    shame on you gill bates 😛

  2. daljeet

    August 3, 2007 at 7:26 am

    its been there since 2000 brother , nobody cares no more about this any more .

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