feisty fawn knocks Windows XP



well, i am a windows hater since i started learning ASP and realized how gay can microsoft be, when they do not allow you to instantiate a variable as soon as u declare it.. well that is one part of the gayness.. hehehe there is something more which microsoft has to offer.

people are getting laptops with microsoft so called VISTA, but on experiencing problems with there gay coding they feel like dumping it somewhere, microsoft has a very very nice answer, sir you can always buy a new Windows XP and you are authorized to do that, that means you have a downgrade license, ofcourse after you pay us a handsome amount equal to Windows XP’s price, hahahah.. and then your vista is mere a sticker on the laptop’s body.. yeah they suck..

well recently open source community has released Feisty Fawn, its another ubuntu code name. UBUNTU has been always a pride for new linux users, it is more like windows environment for nomad of operating systems.

So i downloaded the release, tried its live session on VMWare and then shoot, next day i formated one of my HDD and here i am writing this blog in feisty fawn. it impressed me so much that now i am planning to make it a primary OS. yeah trust me, a little study makes you go in love with something that is free of cost..

when i was installing, it jus asked me for setting if i wanna import from XP and i checked it, it imported all my outlook accounts, documents etc etc. isnt that great? it wasnt enuff to glitter my eyes, then as soon as i logged in, i had all my ntfs drive right on the desktop waiting for me to double click them access my files..

first thing i did was played a mp3 .. it gave me an error so and so codec missing, my lord can i download for you ? i said sure go ahead with in 1 min, the song was playing.. mann i donn have to even go to a site to download a fuckin plugin.. isnt it cool?

then i though i should change my orkut’s display image with that of ubuntu’s logo.. downloaded a shiney image and now wanted to resize it.. believe me i right clicked it and selected open with gimp. it took jus jus 8 secs for it to open.. unlike the heavy adobe photoshop. it has got all its fucntions and above all.. its freee.. mann jus give it a try.

atleast leave that pirated windows, cause one or the other day you gotta buy one or shift to something like this.. so try now 🙂

what else, it comes with a synaptic package manager, which download every god damn thing you can imagine, jus click click and you are through with it.. come on guys give it a try just download it and burn a CD you can atleast experience a live session of it.. also if you need any help ask me i will give you the CD and any tech help if i am aware of.. Otherwise we have got google mann..