AMD Vs Core 2 DUO


well for me computer is a thing which is kind of everything .. though the first line is really confusing but still you gotta understand it later..

I was working fine with Core 2 duo also would call it as c2d, until one day my junior told me that AMD 4000+ rocks, he got himself a new kit replacing his old intel shit.. i had a strong urge to try AMD over Intel, but could never let myself outta the brand name INTEL. but the junior was so impressed by the performance that he was offering me to visit his place once and check out the performance, somehow he was igniting the passion to grab AMD in me.

With no time i asked him to get me the same deal and believe me he was so AMD friendly that the next hour he asked me to thorough the deal.. I kept thinking last moment, but i was getting a lot with AMD..

I got WLAN, then NVIDIA Chipset 6100 on board GPU 460.

I couldnt stop myself and just got this AMD.. and trust me guys, my junior was right.. AMD rocks.. One should give a chance to his choices choosing among brand name and quality 😉

Choices like

Linux Over Microsoft Windows

Amd over Intel

Php Over ASP

they wont ever let you down 😉

cheers !!