Adobe opens shop on Web to share,edit and store images


hiya all,

well ADOBE the big giant for the much used software photoshop has opened an online portal which lets you retouch your pics on a fly and lets you store the images online. However, it comes with a storage limit of 2GB. It lets you crop,trim,rotate images and instantly share it with anyone.

Adobe, made a smart move after its much more desktop establish product. It opens a new source of web income for it can make money offering Web services directly to consumers. It is there to give competition to many online applications, like flickr, picasa etc.

photshop express

Also, Adobe needed to build the back-end infrastructure needed to offer the service directly to consumers, rather than partner with another photo-sharing site, as it did with its online video editor, Premiere Express.

“We’ve seen a convergence of trends where the everyday consumer is becoming overwhelmed with the number of images and they have the desire to share images in new and interesting ways,” said Doug Mack, the vice president of consumer and hosted solutions at Adobe.

“We’re at the point now with bandwidth that most consumers can use really rich Internet applications and also have a relationship with a service where they store and upload images,” he said.

The service will go live in beta test mode on Thursday. Mack said that the company intends to use the test period as a way garner feedback from customers.

Adobe intends to offer more features to consumers who pay a yearly fee. Some planned features include a printing service, more storage, support for audio and other media, and the ability to read additional image file types (the service works with .JPGs now.)

Adobe also plans to build an offline client using AIR (the Adobe Integrated Runtime) so that people can edit photos offline, executives said.