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Google Chrome : Change default download location

Well its again about google chrome, its the in thing these days mayne.. So sparyk !! you wanna change the default download location of the new light-weight but seems to be powerful browser chrome. well here you go.. 1. Open Google Chrome.(that sounded common, eh ?) 2. Click the wrench icon in the upper-right corner[…]

Increase Your Firefox Speed — It really worx

Well guys this one is a cool trick. You might have read it elsewhere also about this cool little tweak which increases speed of firefox browser to give you a better browsing experience. I never believed this kinda outta way stuff, and always sticked to firefox’s default settings. But today, i was in little conforming[…]

Trick to play FM without Headphones

hiya all, I found a new tweak to play around with your mobile. Well you can play FM radio in your motorolla phone without having the headphones plugged into. To achieve this you have to simply punch in the following numbers, Just Dial *#**372# or *#**376# Hope this works for you, i tested it on[…]