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PIN Launched is another of my website. It is developed in little steps just due to my heck college schedule and busy life. But i have been dying to have a website like this, where i can help people for free and can express my views and write some helpful topics for others. Guys just visit[…]

Site Makeover

Its been a long time, almost a year when i took this webspace and started the website. Since then there had been lots of ups and downs in my college life so couldnt give time to site. But after a 2 months long vaccation, i could learn php at the finest level(this is what i[…]

Chat through GPRS

Aaaahh the pain of distance.. Well the people who know how does it feel to be away from your loved ones can only tell you how hard it is .. Well the pain of distance compelled me to make something called GPRS chat for me and my girl friend .. And i want to share[…]