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What is flash mob

Flash Mob has been gathering lot of attention in India lately, so what exactly it is ? According to WiKiPedia Flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in the crowd and perform an unusual act. This act can be anything like dancing, pillow fight or anything like that. This is usually a[…]

Mumbai Blasts July 13, quick help here

Multiple blasts in Mumbai reported late evening today. Here is a quick way to help people or if you need help. These blasts took place in Dadar, Jhaveri Bazaar and Opera House. Please stay safe, stay in indoors. Do not panic and use the following sheet if you need help. Just enter your details on[…]

When is the next bomb blast in india ?

Just a little observation from my friend and she sent me an IM on yahoo, but it was worth a note. So i thought of sharing with you guys.. 13 May   JAIPUR June      NA 26 July     AHMEDABAD August  NA 13 September  DELHI October       NA 26 November  MUMBAI December    NA(hopefully) 13 January       What[…]