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Women Struct in C language

Hiya all, i got this little C code snippet in my email today.. Its funny, so i wanted to share it with you 🙂 Struct female_professionals { double styles; short skirts; long time_to_understand_ problems; float mind; void knowledge; char non_co-operative; } Struct married_females { double weight; Short tempered; long gossip; Float hopes; void word; char[…]

Funny meaning of IT Designations

Hiya all, Few days back, I got an interesting mail forwarded by one of my friend and I couldn’t stop posting it here. Check out some of the very funny and interesting definitions of the various designations of the people related to the IT jobs. Please don’t mind the words, its just for fun :p[…]

Why you would like to be an IT Guy?

Top Reasons for why anyone like one of us would like to be an IT guy : 1) You get to know about latest gadgets and technology before they hit market. 2) You have geek excuses to give for your mistakes. 3) You can wake up late night without giving any explanation to your family[…]