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Had my first fall

Started cycling a month back and had been to some great rides. One of my dear friend / mentor recommended me to start cycling before my body asks for it. Since I am a workaholic and sit all day in front of PC, I bet not much muscles move other than my fingers and eye[…]

Increase Your Firefox Speed — It really worx

Well guys this one is a cool trick. You might have read it elsewhere also about this cool little tweak which increases speed of firefox browser to give you a better browsing experience. I never believed this kinda outta way stuff, and always sticked to firefox’s default settings. But today, i was in little conforming[…]

Check Bsnl Account usage in firefox

Oct 11,2008 Update: You can now check bsnl account usage using this link and of course you should be connected through bsnl broadband for that. Here is a common belief and a check imposed by BSNL that “A User can check his/her account usage only through Internet Explorer”. May be cause there Portal is[…]