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Rockstar – Movie Review

I watch only selected hindi movies in the theater and Rockstar was one of those selected few. I went to watch movie with a perception of complete making of “Rockstar” out of a normal man, with a light touch of love in his life. However, I was shocked to see that the movie’s plot is[…]

Dev D movie review

Well certainly i cant believe my senses that i have watched this movie and that too till intermission. The movie is really a scrap and i would suggest you guys not to watch the movie. I was stunned by the 5 sparkling stars which Times of  India gave to “Dev D” in its friday’s newspaper.[…]

LoveStory 2050, Flop, torture, boring movie

I am not a very big fan of Hindi movies, but some movies are really good. Yesterday my friend also my roommate wanted to see a newly released movie from bollywood for which people are crazy (as he claims). According to him, it is a movie based on science fiction and is full of action[…]