Petrol forgery at NTPC Indian Oil Petrol pump Noida


Its really a sad part that no matter how hard you try corruption cannot leave India. I stay in NOIDA, which is the another IT city of North India. I drive to my office everyday but i just did not find any good petrol pump (at ambience service etc) on my way to office as if now. Somehow i have to get my car tank filled from this petrol pump of Indian Oil which is situated right opposite to the NTPC bulding, but guys let me tell you these guys are freaks. They are not at all smooth talkers and they are not interested to fill your vehicle’s tank. But that is not all, i have been a victim of them twice (outta which once i was vigilant and got saved).

Incident 1 : Like all other petrol pumps i sat in the car and he filled the tank with 1000 INR as i asked him to. I made the payment through card and off i go. But then i realized that the petrol indicator just moved a bit and that is all. I went to him after an hour, he totally declined of such an incident. And damn me, i was talking on phone and i just did not realize the same at petrol pump.So somehow they mugged up my 1000 INR nearly(20 litres of petrol)

Incident 2 : I was outta fuel and had to go that petrol pump again and this time i never wanted to get fooled again. So got my eyes on meter and one person was filling the petrol while other started talking to me uselessly. Sir why dont you make payment with your card. You have citibank card this and that ? I mean simply uselessly. And then he said “ok sir its done”. Lol when i saw the meter it showed me only 351INR and he calimed that its for 500 INR .

He simply said sorry sir ho jata hai ..

Damn where do i sue them is there any end of that ?Any of you if faced the same issues share with me, we will try doing something 🙂

Cheers !!

Realin !

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  1. Tanay Mathpal

    December 28, 2008 at 1:20 am

    I have got to know from some insiders that even the meters at petrol pumps are altered to give wrong readings.
    Some petrol pump operators are so careless that once they forgot to put back the lid of my car’s fuel tank!
    And after all that, there is the never ending menace of adulterated petrol!

    Tanay Mathpal
    III Yr, Computer Engineering
    College of Technology

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