Realin started cooking.. OMG


Sometimes life doesn’t give you a second chance, and so was in my case. Realin aka Sachin i.e. me is a normal MAN who always tasted the food cooked by his mother. But suddenly the conditions got adverse and realin was on a track where he to choose hunger or cook his own food.

Realin Chef

Yeah, that is true, a person like me who never cut a single onion in his life is now a great chef. People at his office are big fan of what he cooks. Well that certainly helped me reach to a common saying that, Men are the best cooks. I usually get up around 6 in the morning and start with cutting vegetables, wash them and start by igniting the flame on my mini Gas Stove.

So how is this possible that sachin learnt something and wont share with you ..

So here is a quick recipe from Realin’s Kitchen :

Pour some Ghee in a frying pan and put some Cumin Seed(jeera) like half a tea spoon or so, now put 1 Cardamom and a piece of olive oil. Let them get little brown and put one sliced -peeled onion in sizzling ghee. Stir till the onion get light brown. Now put salt, chilly powder, and stir the mixture. Put 1-2 tomato in the mixture and now add some water.Its time that you need to put soyabeans, and Rice (you need to keep them both dipped in water for 15 mins or so) in the mixture.

Stir till the water gets dry and Volla !! you are ready with some nice Rice for the meal. You can have it with Curd. I often carry this Mini-Pullao to my office for lunch. You can add lotsa other vegetables to make it more tasty 🙂

The more you practice the better you get the results. 🙂
Hope this helps 🙂

Cheers !!

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