Keshavi turns 3


Today, when my naughty little daughter turns 3, I can’t believe that she has grown so FAST. I feel like it was just yesterday that I saw her crawling and now she walks faster than I do. She is quicker than I can think / react and is always ready with so many questions in her mind. This definitely makes me believe firmly that “daughters are loving” and they grow really very fast. It’s completely a different feeling to have a daughter in one’s life and watch her growing.

Keshavi that’s the name of my naughty one and she gets naughtier each passing minute. Her actions not only amuse but makes me realise that the world is moving pretty fast and we lived a life of a saint during our childhood.

I used to enjoy company of friends, wife and now I enjoy the most with Keshavi. Weekends spent with Keshavi are just wonderful and are God gifted. There’s no affection / love in this world that can replace a daughter’s love. It’s pure, innocent and really helps a man feel complete.

Keshavi not only has brought happiness, wealth in my life but also given me and my family a new way of living. And it’s not just my daughter, but I am sure every father in this world would agree with me.

Unfortunately, I belong to that part of world where daughters are not very safe. I know this is a small try but I seriously want to tell those people, who think “daughters are burden”, that “daughters are the purest blessing” directly from God. I have felt it, you can feel it too.

with love…


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