What is flash mob


Flash Mob has been gathering lot of attention in India lately, so what exactly it is ? According to WiKiPedia Flash mob is a group of people who assemble suddenly in the crowd and perform an unusual act. This act can be anything like dancing, pillow fight or anything like that. This is usually a purposeless act and is done only for entertainment or to gain attention.

Flash mob are organized by a group of people and the venue, time is kept secret within the group. This is kind of gathering is often planned over social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. The idea is to keep everything secret and then gather in the crowd and perform all of a sudden.

Flash mob came into existence in 2003 and after a failed attempt, it got success on June 03,2003. India’s first Flash mob was organized by Shonan Kothari in Mumbai. She planned this flash mob to pay tribute to 26/11 victims in Mumbai. This Flash mob was a huge success which gathered around 200 people from the age of 4-60 years.

This flash mob took place at CST the same local train station, where terrorist attacked. The group danced on the song from a movie “Rang de basanti”. For ten minutes everyone around was left surprised. A glance at this flash mob can be seen in the below video –


After the flash mob in Mumbai, a group also gathered in Delhi for Flash Mob. Unfortunately, they were unable to make it success. The police authorities did not allow them to perform them at Janpath. Later they move on to another place called Priya Market, where they were able to stun crowd for few minutes, but then again they were dispersed by local traffic police.

This is similar to what happened with the world’s first flash mob in 2003. I am hoping, there will be more Flash mob in our country, so that the sleeping government can understand that people are still united, no matter what.

Stay Good!
Sachin Khosla