Reader Digest magazine and its woes | Worst Service


Reader Digest is a very famous magazine across the world and i am one of its reader. It is distributed by India today group I do not know what bad day was that i planned to subscribe this magazine for an year. I thought it would be easy for magazine getting on my door step rather than i go out and buy one for me each month. So I made a payment of 379 INR through visabillpay.

But to disappointment myself i realized that the payment was actually collected by BillDesk and not by visa group. Now all of us know how bad is the services of BillDesk and to add i called up at their customer care asking for my payment details because i did not get any confirmation from Reader’s Digest. The bumpy customer care humiliated me by saying, i do not know how long does it take the online payments to process, i better should get my basics clear about transactions which i make online.. Bah, that was really stupid of them or me, because i think the online process is faster and yet simple.

So my next move was to contact RD guys so that they can help me out tracking the payment/issue. Guys you wont believe the numbers they have given on their website are all fake. Either no one is gonna pick up your phone and if he/she does pick the phone, they gonna put the blame on someone else and ask you to make just another call and there by  liquidating your money by making the STD calls.

However i din lose hope and sent them an email on sept 3,2008 with all the transaction details, with a hope that this is a good company alteast they might have hired some good geeks to respond my emails. But again to daze me off, they did not reply at all and i kept waiting. Exactly after two weeks on sept 17,2008 i called up the mumbai after following the chain of calls. In that chain of calls i could find from peon to clerk everyone on the line. But no one was there to guide me about the subscription details. So for then I somehow had a talk with some girl called jayshree and she promised me that they gonna work on it and replied my mail which reads exactly, this :

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your email.

Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for processing of the web order.

We assure the best possible service always.


For Reader‘s Digest


Cool.. So india is media group India Today, which claims to be so superior will take 1.5 months to process an online order. But i never allowed myself to switch to panic mode and instead decided to wait. But today finally i lost my senses and I called up at customer care. This time i was able to talk to jayshree after 2-3 calls only 😛

So she replies, “Sir we have forwarded your complaint and this will take some time to process” What the hell are you doing on this earth, for the sake of holy mother mary ?

Damn, they were sitting idle and doing nothin since 1.5 months and now they have come into action. And then she clarifies herself, “if you want we can send your money back”. Well customer never pays to get his money back, instead he needs the subscription to reach on time.

But these people wont understand becasue they don’t think customer’s service is important. For them the important task is using office’s resources for their own personal use.

I do not think people like this can lead india anywhere, they are just waste.

Note: I wont ever buy their products or magazine and will promote this to my friends and family. Its democracy even 1 person can effect the whole kingdom 😛

Sachin Khosla

Realin !