Life at Metro .. By Realin


MetroI am a common man from a common city with some uncommon dreams. But like others i had to move to a metro for better job options and especially when talking about career perspectives. If you are from india, then you must be aware the northern part of the country i.e. Punjab is not much developed when talking about studies. Although, punjab is responsible for feeding rest of the nation. But its bad luck of punjab that we don’t get better study facilities, vocational or new technology (talking about IT & other upcoming fields).

Well no more denying of my hometown cause it has given me so much and gave me strength and sharpness to stand above all 🙂 Life at metro is a way different than one can imagine. Fast moving cars, malls, movies, pubs, clubs,discos etc etc. If you see a girl carrying a cigarette case with a beer can in hand, then its not a big deal, its just that she did not get time to finish the can in the pub :p

People here are too cool and are jolly. Love to party every night and love to enjoy each moment. Talking about the fashion and trends in here, then let me disclose that no local brand works in here, everyone is crazy about different new brands when it comes to dressing and other accessories. You have to maintain sophistication along with the royal look :p

I felt really awkward to see plastic smiles and plastic people around, but now i m used to them or should i say i am part of them 🙂 they don’t scare me any more. But somewhere deep down, i miss my family and the people there, who used to meet each other with no grudges and with deep love inside their hearts. I can’t smell the pure “desi ghee’s”  fragrance and can’t drink the water from the tap. You have to carry mineral water everywhere you go, cause this city(noida) is so much sarcastic that it wont even give you pure/drinkable water in the taps.

Above all, the life at metro is costly but is still attractive. Its like you don’t want to leave it but you still miss your home 🙂

Hope to hear from you about your vivid experiences 🙂

cheers !!