How to kill a mosquito without mosquito repellant, mosquito killer


mosquitoHiya guys,

Thanks for reading this blog. Its been a long time that i posted something here but thanks to the search engines and loyal users which raise the stats everyday 😛

This entry is going to be silly, pointless or funny but i am really frustrated over these mosquitoes who din let me sleep last night. So I am gonna share how i survived last night and finally managed to sleep after few hours of workaround.

I was pretty tired after i returned from work. Watched the live inauguration 2009 on CNN and then after the humble man, Barack Hussein Obama , took oath i was tired enought to sleep tight in my cozy bed. Just when i sacked into the bed, there was a buzz in my ear zzZZZzzzzzz and a hungry mosquito was roaming around me and was ready to unleash its unholy intentions.

Unfortunately my mosquito repellant was not working and i had to wave in the dark to that thing away. After half an hours battle and its regular escape from my unguided hits in the dark, i decided to switch on the light and kill it myself. Very quitely i switched on the light and found that mosquito and decided to kill it with the newspaper (more surface area 😛 ) but the little thing was too fast to be hit with anything and it just kept escaping everytime i hit it with the newspaper.

So i decided to sleep as i was tired battling with the little thing and i assumed the same from its side. Aaahhh 10 mins passed by and no buzz. Then suddenly zzzzzz right in front of my ear. I wonder how mosquitoes find your ear in this dark and how do they know that you will be irriated more with that sound than getting hurt when its bites. Some how i tried to ignore that sound and cover my ears with the blanket, but hell NO !! It wont stop pooping around my ears. And finally i gave myself over and asked it to bit me as much as it wants to. Lol it did not know that i had some destructive plans :p

So the theory works here, Mosquito bits and sucks 1-2 drops of blood but it becomes so heavy that it cant fly as fast as it could when it was empty inside. Well he bit me in the ear, my hands and near my eye. OK cool, It was not my turn to conjure. I switched on the light again and there it was near my pillow on the wall. The fat mosquito was trying to snooze or something and i hit it real hard this time. My hand got drops of blood, but doesn’t matter it was my blood 😀

So it was a victory over the mosquito by me. I went into the bathroom to wash my hands and 2-3 mosquitoes again entered into the room .. HELL :O

So it continued and could sleep for just few hours last night.

After Maths: I woke up 4 times and killed 4 mosquitoes and finally was so tired that slept with 1 alive mosquito and was not bugged with that buzz sound 😛

Moral : Always keep an extra Mosquito repellant :p

Cheers !!

Realin !

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