Google Server Down


Today seems like it is googleless day.. being a big fan of google, i open google normally after 30 mins or so, but today since morning I have noticed, google server is down. First the GMAIL service was opening but just now i tried, its also down. Well i am stunned that google is down. I atleast in my internet career never seen this.

Lets see when my favorite services are going to come back ..

Whosoever, wants to check his or her mail quicky then you can always do by installing mobile gmail app from

though google talk works like a charm 😉

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  1. Prashanth

    August 27, 2009 at 11:43 am

    you are right.. its a googleless day for all of us. Even I am a big fan of Google and i open google for every 15 min. But today all sudden google stopped working and I thought my internet connecting is down.

    I trust google a lot and I didn’t even try to browse other websites as it never happened to me before. I called the customer care to fix the issue, then the tech support guy told me that the internet is up on my computer.

    I hope googles competitors / haters do not take advantage of this to spoil its reputation. Every body’s server will be down once in a while.

    All the best for google from my side.


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