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hiya guys,

I have been writing for a while about career, job, job satisfaction etc. because now that i am in job i can feel the various UPs & Downs in it. One of my friend today got selected for Indian Air Force (IAF) and ofcourse one should be happy for him and I am. But as per he told me that few of our friends are happy but its a fake happiness. But why do we have this hatred feeling for all ? Didn’t we choose our life at our own. The field, the technology we are working on is chosen by our own wish, so why feel envy just cause he is into IAF.


I did not apply for IAF cause i am not interested in serving government, cause our indian govt. wont let you grow instead will teach you how to make your life luxurious using the extra income(bribe). Well no further comments on it 😀

So when we chose our field, our life’s goal then why feel bad on someone’s success. This is the worst feeling that one can have .. We should prepare our goal, should be moving on it every second of life. We cannot be a software developer working for a MNC and side by side a government servant, cause these two are two different fields just like Linux & Microsoft.

Apparently, everyone can see it, but still we have a hatred feeling. Well i am happy for my friend and wish him luck. There are some points for that i never liked government services.

1) You dont get to do what you always wanted to do, and when you get time you are too old for what you wanted to do.
2) Services like Army, airforce, navy etc make u over-disciplined and literally you are hated by our grand children for that.
3) You may not be able to fulfill your all dreams within government service ( limited income ).
4) In the end you are working under a BOSS who always wants everything to be done in more than perfect way.
5) You can’t put in your own creativity, you have to work under certain protocols.
6) No family life when you are in training, or in starting 5 years of service

Other than this we have many good things associated with the government jobs, and I am sure my friend from IAF, will list that for us (very soon).

Don’t forget to share your views, this will let us all know the term we learnt JOB SATISFACTION

cheers !!

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  1. Karan

    March 25, 2008 at 7:02 pm

    u r doing a gr8 job and i want 2 say best of luck 2 all my friends….

  2. The Realin

    March 25, 2008 at 7:41 pm

    thanks karan 😉

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