How I moved from Android, iPhone to BlackBerry


I am certainly a gadget lover like any one else, but for me the most easily acquired gadget is a mobile phone. My first phone was Siemens S4 which was a “phone” in itself. With the mono display, it was more like a cordless phone. And then the technology started progressing and my gadgets too. I have tried Panasonic GD90, GD92, GD93, I am sure those who had these kinda handsets must know what I am talking about. They were different in a way they offered different screen colors, but yet mono display.

However, this post is not related to how the gadgets evolved, but I wanted to share how I moved on from using Android phone and then iPhone and finally using Blackberry and I am quite satisfied as if now. My first Android gadget was Samsung Galaxy I which really impressed me with it’s iPhone looks and yet open source OS. I have been always an open source software lover, I mean we all are – who does not love free stuff, no ? So I spend like 28,000 INR and bought this phone. It was fancy to have an Android phone which actually looks more like iPhone of those times yet with lot of functionality which iPhone could not offer. Slowly, I realized that as the data on the device increases it becomes slow, slower and finally started to drag. I looked around for updates, hacks etc. but none of them helped. Android’s update process is quite cumbersome, I am sure you will agree with this. Recently, I was told in a gadget meetup that most of the Android phones are still running old version of the OS while iPhone users upgrade their phones quite quickly and easily.

After all this, I made up my mind to give a try to iPhone. And fortunately, one of my friend from Australia sent me an iPhone as a gift. That certainly was a good sign to make the move. I seriously enjoy iPhone, I mean it’s just awesome. It won’t go unresponsive, nor is it’s marketplace bugged with too many useless app. And above all iPhone is a closed OS, which means that apps have very limited access to what OS does and seriously I enjoyed the mail experience, twitter, Facebook experience better on iPhone than Android. However, iPhone was lagging some easy to use features. The most important feature which iPhone lags is SWYPE. That means you cannot type as fast as you do on an Android phone, cause you have to press each key individually. I know, that there is an app available for iPhone but that certainly is not easy to use. Then the call logs are best managed in Android than iPhone, so somehow Android was intelligent from iPhone and I hope it will keep progressing. But the speed, reliability and responsiveness is simply unbeatable in iPhone when it comes to comparison. I could have used iPhone for some more time, but my 2 years old daughter almost broke the phone.

So now was the time to move on to a new phone. I am connected with many gadget bloggers, geeks over the facebook, twitter. After doing brainstorming sessions publicly; I had two options iPhone 4s or wait for Samsung Galaxy III. But I wanted to buy the Samsung Note though, but was advised that I should wait for Galaxy III. While I was waiting for the Launch another friend from twitter, SinghLions recommended Blackberry. I was like Blackberry, who uses one these days; but he shared his experience and told that the productivity is far more on Blackberry compared to touch phones. After a long discussion he helped me analyze my majorily used apps which certainly were –

Mail App with foremost priority, Camera I certainly use at times and not forget a good twitter & facebook app. Other than this I do not do much of the smart work with a smartphone. I do not use my phone/iPhone as iPod, I do not place games on the phone and the reason is, there are other / exclusive gadgets to do this stuff, right ?

Finally, I decided to buy a BlackBerry no matter if I have to pay extra for the BlackBerry services, I decided to buy one. And it’s been 4 weeks since I am using a BlackBerry phone and my productivity has certainly increased. I am able to upload pictures on twitter/facebook without having to worry if they will get through or no. I do not have to check every now and then, if the mail with the attachment was sent or no. I do not have to open Mail app and click refresh to check emails (cause my business runs on that). The qwerty keyboard is easy to use, and above all Blackberry is cheaper than iPhone/Android.

I am sure I made the right decision, of course with the help of friends on twitter/facebook. I am going to use BlackBerry for another 1 year and see if this is going to be my phone for ever, since I have heard that BlackBerry is quite addictive.


Stay Beautiful!

Sachin Khosla