Delhi Bloggers Meet (DBM 26)


Hi all,

People always asked me what a blog is ? And what i gain outta it when i blog ? And why do I have to blog ? Well there is nothing gain/loss in blogging, its just a hobby or i can say i feel good to share information with others.

So there are more souls on this planet earth which have the same feeling and same motto. They probably started to share and produce content over the internet before i even knew what a computer is. If you wanna meet such interesting people and know what they do and how they adapted blogging as a full time work for themselves, then come on you can meet them in real.

Delhi Bloggers meet is one such event where all the renowned bloggers (like myself and twilight fairy) meet and discuss about the just anything. It can be mumbai blasts, blogging,twittering,social media, content rights, copyright, content fringing whatever you like, its  you call.

So here are the details,

Event Info

Host : The Delhi Bloggers

Date : Sunday, December 21, 2008

Time : 2:30pm – 7:30pm

Venue : Humayun’s tomb (New Delhi, India)

Contact Info

Phone : 9811511719,9910083060

Email :

Registration Info

You can register yourself  at facebook.


As long as i know there is no fooding arrangment there. As we do not have sponsors for this meet. If you are kind enough to sponsor the fooding and stuff, then we would be more than happy. Feel free to contact on any of the above mentioned numbers or the email address.

Is this post legit ?

Well yes, please visit the Delhi Bloggers site for any doubts.

Cheers !!

Realin !