So the most talked about movie “Ghajni” got released on Dec 25, 2008. It had faced controversies at the last moment,  but it was released after court issued a stay till Jan6,2009.

How could i miss the release of this over-talked movie. My friend somehow convinced me once more time to watch a hindi movie in a theater. I feel that watching a Hindi Movie in a theater is mere waste of time, i know it sounds sarcastic. Although i am the guy who loves India and wants India to grow. But still my mind doesn’t support me when i say i gotta watch a bollywood movie in a theater. Because they have the same story track and some facts (they say) which i simply cannot believe.

Anyways, talking more about Ghajini now. Ghajini has  a good story line, no doubt its a copy of Hollywood movie Momento and a south indian movie which is the reason for the controversy of this movie. This movie is already a blockbuster by recording advance booking for the next 3 days in theaters here in NOIDA.

Asin, an actress from south has done a remarkable job. She is looking really sweet in the movie and fits into the character naturally for the second time. Yeah, because she is the same girl chosen from the south Indian version of the movie. Apparently, Aamir has worked quite well on his 8-pack. But one shouldn’t forget to admire his expressions which he delivers in the movie. He speaks very less in the movie and everything else is done by his gestures and let me tell you that is one more thing to admire about this movie.


Movie gives you what you expected after the promos. But a person like me who wants to compare it with Hollywood movie would say “They could have done it better”. As Aamir is a billionaire in the movie, so he could carry a device which could guide his next move after he loses his memory every 15 mins. In this movie he is taking pictures and keeping them in his pocket and that is awful. Though this adds realistic affect to the movie.

Asin is looking gorgeous and she can be offered some more Hindi Movies 😀

There are certain parts in the movie which you feel has been lengthen useleslly could have been chopped off. Especially in the flash back, the lovestory part.

Overall from my POV, keeping in mind tha i am not a nazi for Bollywood movies, i would rate 2.5 outta 5.

Any comments, critics welcome here 🙂

My Personal Advice : Do not expect much from this movie, if you think its an action movie then keep in mind you will end up saying, awww what a drag !!

Cheers !!

Realin !

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